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10 Unconventional Life-hack Tidbits

By: Daniel Martinez Stahl

Genre: Learning & Coaching

These inspirational cards with a desk stand, of 10 unconventional life-hack tidbits, beautifully display information designed to help each of us remember how life actually works, and things we can do to help us align with our higher self. Reminding us that we already have innate well-being, which is especially helpful and useful during those times when we have forgotten or feel separate from our inner truth.

Affirmation Cards For Kids

By: Jennifer Barnfield

Genre: Kids & Parenting

Award-winning Affirmation Cards for Kids This deck includes 52 cards to increase your child's vocabulary with positive words and phrases that can improve their communication and confidence, whilst reducing frustration. The booklet contains over 750 more positive words to introduce into the conversation too.

Allowing Prayers

By: Siobhan Nash

Genre: Purpose & Priority

The Allowing Prayers card deck offers 57 invitations to help you spark a conversation with your soul.

Each card offers a welcoming and gentle invitation to help you connect with your inner wisdom, allowing you to ...

  • free yourself from limiting thoughts, beliefs, and stories that are keeping you stuck
  • gain clarity on how to live your life more authentically
  • regain alignment with your true self
  • open yourself to new possibilities as you move forward in your day and in your life

The Allowing Prayers card deck helps you make space for what matters ... you!

Amiko Cards

By: Katie Elliott

Genre: Purpose & Priority

Amiko Cards feature simple, evidence-based ideas that can help us to feel better at times when life's a bit tough.

In moments of feeling stressed, overwhelmed or generally out-of-sorts, look through the cards and ask, "What would help right now?"

When you find an idea that feels good - do it - in whatever way works for you.

To find out more, look up any of the cards on the Amiko membership site and you'll find the latest research, videos and more.

Another Door

By: Eleanor Tweddell

Genre: Business

See change as opportunity
Make it the best thing that ever happened to you.

Art of Being

By: Kelly Hill

Genre: Therapy

Self-Awareness through Intentional Motivation and enhanced character building skills conveniently written in alphabetical order. Each letter will focus on one character trait word accompanied by two separate cards articulating the art of becoming more like the characteristic word and the formation required to become more evolved and sustain a more balanced, empathetic and compassionate you.

Becoming & Being A Leader Card Deck

By: Kim Wilkish

Genre: Spirituality

This beautiful 52 inspirational card deck is filled with thought provoking inquiries, practical tips, and practices for you to adopt and apply to your life. Each card contains an image, message and inquiry questions on leadership concepts. There isn't one specific path or way to become or be a leader. It starts where you are at with your mindset, attitude, and commitment. It's a culmination of your skills, experiences and education. Bottom all starts with you and evolves as we put our leadership into action. Use the cards as an inquiry for reflection, coaching, or as a practice for growth and development.

Be Ninja Mindfulness Cards

By: Jaime Edelis

Genre: Kids & Parenting

This uniquely inspiring card deck is designed to guide the user back to their own innately good human qualities, such as kindness, mindfulness and patience. With each card selected, one is reminded to focus on and nurture that quality within. It can be used as an oracle deck!
The artwork of Carlos Alcoba (Calma) is inspired by his lifelong love and practice of the martial art, Ninjutsu, in which he has a black belt. To truly BE NINJA is to keep developing the goodness within for the benefit of oneself as well as all of those living beings around. May all beings be happy, peaceful, and truly liberated!

Brand Hero - Branding Deck

By: Brand Hero Agency / Optimal Targeting

Genre: Business

Cape Your Brand With a Branding Deck

Helping brands map their benefit, process, values & emotional connection through a fun & easy card system

Can't Sleep

By: Lee Bougie

Genre: Health + Fitness

Discover the Fundamentals
for a Good Night's Sleep
In this deck, Lee Bougie shares the fundamentals for
getting a good night's sleep, including:

The Science of Sleep
Starting the Day Right
Preparing for Bed
Food & Nutrition
Vitamins & Minerals

When you implement the suggestions in this deck, you can stop tossing and turning, counting sheep,
and laying awake in frustration.

It's time to sleep well!

A versatile deck of 53 cards to facilitate good conversations and deep thinking.

Character Strengths Cards

By: Angie Shearer

Genre: Learning & Coaching

Character Strengths Cards based on the VIA Institute's worldwide research on which strengths make up what's best about our personality.