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My name is Lesley Graney - On the 16th August 2018, at the age of 47, I was diagnosed with Secondary Breast Cancer.

This is the story of how Random Acts of Nonsense became our family’s way to help deal with this.


We first met ‘The Flying Seagulls Project’ in 2013 at the Green Man festival. I spent most of my time with the kids being entertained by this fantastically animated group of people who made a real impact on me and my children.

Founded by entertainer Ash Perrin in 2007, the Flying Seagull Project spreads love, light and laughter to hospitals, orphanages, deaf/blind schools, marginalised communities, refugee camps and slums around the world - http://www.theflyingseagullproject.com.

In the beginning...

Fast forward to 2018, we already knew I had primary breast cancer, and were drawn to the Wilderness Festival because we knew the Flying Seagulls would be there.

At a time when things were tough for us, these amazing performers pulled us into a carefree world of laughs and silliness. At the end of the festival, I thanked Bash and the team, and said for that short time, my kids had forgotten their Mum had Cancer - and that was important.

Carpe Diem...

When we were given the devastating news on the 16th August 2018 that my cancer was now secondary, Our reaction as a family was to run into the sea, seizing the moment, and this was the beginning of Random Acts of Nonsense, because for those few moments while you are creating and sharing, you can be momentarily carefree.

Random acts....

Our Random Acts of Nonsense quickly became a WhatsApp group between friends recording funny moments of silliness, then followed a series of family events, before a performance at Brighton Fringe, and now a deck of cards!

It’s a chance to jump in, be silly, capture those moments with family and friends you love - An antidote to the trials and tribulations of everyday life.

Some random decks of cards...

So here they are! One deck contains 52 Acts in a pack of playing cards, the other contains a fun game of 'Random Rivals' with another 36 Acts to enjoy - all designed to let you get a little bit of RAON in your life whilst at home with the family!

RAON Day...

We now celebrate the birthday of Random Acts of Nonsense on the 16th August each year and we hope that you will join us!

Smile. Laugh. Create Memories.

Lesley x

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Random Acts of Nonsense - I


52 acts in a pack of playing cards. Two years in the making, now available from the shop, and all designed to let you get a little bit of RAON in your life whilst at home with the family! Choose an act which offers a little Dazzle, Dance & Dare, or Words, Whizz & Wonder, or Songs, Snap & Sizzle, or just pick something at random!


Lesley Graney

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