Christine Gold


Christine is an Evidential Medium and Energy Healer who specializes in channeling loved ones from the other side, delving into past lives through the akashic records (metaphysical library of information), and chakra energy healing. Her primary mission is to provide clarity, healing and hope to those she works with. She is known for her detailed and accurate mediumship readings with an ability to bring through validations with names, dates, specific details and comforting messages. Showing you that your passed loved ones are safe and at peace, while still being divinely connected to you.​

A natural communicator and healer, Christine was born with her abilities but was terrified of them as a child (it's not normal to see and hear dead people, right?) She suppressed her gifts as best as she could through school and flat-out denied them throughout her corporate working years. After major life-altering circumstances, including chronic illness and near death experiences, Christine realized her powerful spiritual abilities were integral to her life's purpose of helping others. She then began fully embracing and enhancing them to where she is now, a sought after Psychic Medium and Intuitive Healer that makes a lasting impact in people's lives.​

Christine has a Marketing / Management degree and is a Certified Medium through International Medium Carmel Joy Baird, Animal Communicator and Usui Reiki Master. She has furthered her learning in Psychology through Neuroplasticity Training, Inherited Family Trauma Therapy workshops.

An avid mental health and autoimmune illness advocate, she is passionate about one’s entire physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Christine integrates her education, life experiences, personal growth mindset and natural wellness expertise into her service offerings in order to enhance healing in clients, while helping to provide a broader understanding of spiritual perspectives.

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The Empaths Journey


Let’s journey together through healing and love as an empath (Old Soul)

Discover your true purpose through signs, symbols, lessons and animals.

You chose this lifetime, this souls contract to complete lessons and evolve. This journey is not for the faint of heart, rather a warrior spirit with a divine heart of empathy and compassion.

Pull 1 card , or a past / present / future 3 card spread.


Christine Gold