Rayshauna Gray


Greetings! I'm Rayshauna.

I'm an entrepreneur, writer, and policymaker from Chicago currently living in Cambridge, MA.

I'm the creator of The Heart Work, a framework and facilitated workshop series that helps people interrogate how imposter syndrome impacts their lives. I also recently released my 72-card Modus Operandi Deck for meaningful solo and group reflection. I'm currently working on projects with Harvard Business School and the Boston Book Festival.

I've spent the last decade strategizing for early-stage startups and managing programs for students from Shenzhen to Stockholm to St. Louis. I had a wonderful time creating content for the Cambridge Historical Society and Boston's Museum of African American History, helping run burgeoning initiatives at Harvard, and mapping 400 years of African American history as a member of Tufts University's Center for the Study of Race & Democracy research team. Time at THREAD at Yale, creating legislation with the National Organization for Women, and being published were sweet spots too.

Rayshauna Gray Reflections to find your how and why.