Release your need to be SUPERWOMAN


Feel less overwhelmed, have more fun. A deck for everyone who feels the need to be a Superwoman and would like to have a life of more fun, and less responsibility for the whole world. It makes a great gift for your daughters, who I hope will then have more balance, ease and flow in their life.

Superpowers are helpful, being Superwoman every day for everyone is not. Use these cards as prompts to think, journal, meditate and be aware and conscious of your choices.

I wrote this for a friend in her darkest hours. She loved it. I needed the message too. As a Type-A perfectionist, and as a woman, the need to rescue everyone is an almost automatic response that I learned as a child. This attitude may need to soften for great health. These cards will allow you to reflect on some important messages.

Release your need to be SUPERWOMAN

By: Jane Mitchell-Needham

Genre: Purpose & Priority