Jane Mitchell-Needham


Jane has made thousands of Card Decks for her clients, learners and students of all ages. She loves the principles that Card Decks embody: doing a little and often, divide and conquer large amounts of information, using the plus1principle.com to add in new habits, using titration to avoid overwhelming yourself, having fun to learn more, carrying your reminders in your pocket, reviewing cards is key to memory, journalling to make sense of things, and keeping a record of what you have done. Taking time to meditate, think, absorb and remember is needed if you actually want to retain what you did, and deckible gives you a brilliant way to do that.

Jane has chosen deckible.com because it offers a way to do all of these learning principles with ease and elegance. You can learn on a train, bus or plane, (unless you are the train driver of course!) and anywhere you can use your phone or tablet. The Card Decks can be truly accessible and multi-sensory with sound and videos.

Sharing with your teacher, family, tutor or friends is easy.

Jane cares about a wide range of people. You can gift a grand-kid with a fun activity or gift a parent who has had a stroke a deck to help them relearn skills. Gifting anyone the power of learning in their pocket is a lovely thing to do, and spreading decks of love is my goal.

Jane Mitchell is an educator who loves bringing you brilliant decks. She can do this because she is a linguist, lifelong learner, believer in neuroplasticity (the capability of the brain to rewire itself), a retired speech and language therapist, dyslexia tutor, former guest lecturer at UCL London (on memory, learning theory, habit change, and thinking skills) and course leader working with charities for children with speech and language difficulties and dyslexia.

She has also been a course tutor to a government backed adult skills catch up to work program, tutor on memory, learning and motivation for professional certification courses like accountants, a personal tutor to doctors, lawyers, celebrities, and many students or colleges wanting to learn, remember or teach better.

I hope my card decks will help you, your family, students and anyone wanting to try something new.

Jane Mitchell-Needham Spreading decks of Love