Cady Macon


Cady puts people on a path. Wherever you're beginning, her role is to hold your hand and walk with you a while.

Before life dished her a massive energetic awakening, her specialty was to help high-achievers find their calling. Now, she's psychic (and extra woo), so she winds up being a bridge to the 'woo x ambitious'. Clients are leaders, pop stars, reality famous influencers, artists, engineers, and wonderful people you'll never meet. She holds a Masters in Neurolinguistic Programming, a Co-Active Coaching Certification, and an armchair philosophy grade appreciation of the MBTI. Her aim is to help wonderful people unlock flow with life. Maybe even destiny.

She once watched her life burn to the ground in a blaze of glory that would inspire rappers and mystics alike.

Cady Macon Writer, mystic, teacher.