Shannon Moroney

Shannon Moroney is the bestselling author of two memoirs: "Through the Glass," recounting her journey after her first husband's violent crimes, and "Out of the Shadows," the story of human trafficking survivor Timea Nagy. In her latest release, "Heal for Real: A guided journal to forgiving others—and yourself," she delves into the transformative journey of forgiveness. An advocate of restorative justice, Shannon is internationally acclaimed, recognized as one of the "world's 50 most resilient people" and a New York Times recommended writer. She conducts healing retreats worldwide, supporting trauma survivors and communities to achieve post-traumatic growth. With a focus on sexual assault and trafficking survivors, her private practice, Heal for Real Therapy and Consulting, employs EMDR and creative healing modalities. Shannon's expertise extends to expert court testimony, trauma-informed consultation, and media appearances. Her resilient spirit shines through her hobbies of gardening, music, and design.

Shannon Moroney resides in Toronto, Canada with her twin daughters. Connect with her at and her practice

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Shannon Moroney  Digital Card Deck Creator Heal for Real

Heal for Real


From Shannon Moroney, therapist, restorative justice advocate, trauma survivor, and the bestselling author of Through the Glass and Out of the Shadows, comes a deck of 52 quotations about forgiveness to stimulate your heart and mind as you explore how forgiveness can transform and advance your healing journey, and your everyday life. Use these cards on their own, or as a companion tool to Shannon's latest publication, Heal for Real: A guided journal to forgiving others—and yourself (Page Two Books, 2022).


Shannon Moroney