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Modus Operandi

By: Rayshauna Gray

Genre: Mindfulness

The 72-card Modus Operandi Deck is designed to help people sit with life's big questions. Whether solo or with others, prepare for meaningful reflection.

This pandemic has forced us to reconsider so many of the ideas, motivations, and historical circumstances (personal, familial, and cultural) that got us here. I think it's important we (re)consider what keeps us going and why.

Awake In The Darkness

By: Aubrey Marcus / Curtis Curryhobo Horsburgh

Genre: Oracle

Illuminated by the documentary Awake In The Darkness, 103 beautifully, uniquely illustrated quotations cards, surfacing the deepest insights from Aubrey Marcus's fractal flowering pineal gland, kindling infinite light into the rich luxurious darkness.

Creative Thinking Cards

By: Charles Fischer

Genre: Business

This powerful deck of creative thinking cards will provide hours of inspiration. Learn new strategies for creative thinking and use the random elements to explore hundreds of ideas and combinations. Each card has an image, a quote, two icons, and a random word that can be combined in multiple ways for writing, daily journaling, and creative enterprises. Designed by an award-winning author and teacher, these cards will change the way you see everything.

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