Jaime Edelis


Jaime Edelis is a co-founder of SimpleMentesLibres (Simply Free Minds) and is creating content and materials to inspire the evolution of consciousness and self-awareness.

She is a full time love ambassador, and student of the Earth School, on the quest for continually embodied authentic power, and equanimity.

Her work is facilitating the spread of practical Universal tools that assist us in our evolution from five sensory perception to multisensory perception, as well as from the use of external power to authentic power.

She is also the founder of Urban Playa, an "urban burn" that aims to integrate the principles of Burning Man into the "default world".

Jaime is a big believer in giving her whole-hearted attention to those who seek it, and has unwavering faith in the good of humanity, the youth, and our future here on Earth. She is dedicated to the deconstruction of systemic racism, and is actively working on changing her own patterns regarding all forms of discrimination.

She has been working with all ages as an English teacher and as a spiritual and emotional guide in Barcelona, Catalunya since 2001. She is also massively into jigsaw puzzles. :)

Jaime Edelis May all beings be happy!