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Chants For Change Kundalini Mantra

By: Mishelle Knuteson

Genre: Mindfulness

Your favorite Kundalini mantras at your fingertips. This deck contains 40 of the commonly used Kundalini mantras and their meanings. Also included is common names and phonetic spelling of each mantra. I have also included a Spotify link so that you can hear each mantra being sung or chanted.

Chants For Change Mantra Deck

By: Mishelle Knuteson

Genre: Mindfulness

Enhance your meditation practice by choosing a mantra card to give you a focus, a message for the day and increase your energetic vibrations.

Mantra is a tool that can help transport the mind from a state of activity to one of stillness and silence. Mantras hold meaning and messages placed in these Sanskrit words, yet the value lies in chanting them. Mantras are sounds, syllables or vibrations that hold a vast interpretation of meaning. These vibrational energies have an individual quality and affect which stay with you throughout the day even if your focus gets distracted. Choose a card and chant the mantra aloud or silently to take advantage of these wonderful, transformative vibrational energies. Included is a phonic spelling to help you pronounce them as well as a short audio.

Compass cards

By: Cady Macon

Genre: Purpose & Priority

A deck of self-coaching cards to help you find your way.

Inspired by the Co-Active coaching methodology, Compass Cards is a simple self-coaching system to help you see where you are on life's metaphorical map — and move forward.

Whether you're feeling lost or just a bit adrift, the answers you seek live in a little house within you — you just need a nudge to open the door.

Consider Cards

By: Jeff Heiss

Genre: Mindfulness

Simple prompts to consider what is keeping you from peace and happiness

Conversation Starters: Pin-Back Button Collection

By: Jennifer Stanchfield

Genre: Learning & Coaching

This assortment of buttons depicting a variety of images and slogans are perfect for personal reflection or for getting a group interacting. They make for great ice-breaking conversations at the start of a program, for exploring roles and perspectives during a group experience, or as a unique processing tool.

Coping Cue Cards Discovery Deck

By: Janine Halloran

Genre: Mindfulness

When the kids in your life struggle with BIG emotions, you want to help them. The Coping Cue Cards can teach them new coping skills and remind them of all the actions they can take to feel better. No lectures, just beautiful, kid-friendly visuals to empower them.

The Coping Cue Cards™ Discovery Deck is a deck of cards designed to help kids learn healthy coping skills. It has 40 cards with simple strategies children can use to cope with stress, anxiety, and anger.

The deck is sorted into 5 Coping Styles: Relaxation, Distraction, Movement, Processing, and Sensory. The deck brings order to the mountain of ideas for coping strategies that work for kids. They are designed to work in therapy, at school and at home.

Ways to use the Discovery Deck

  • to help kids identify which coping skills they already use and love
  • as a visual reminder to use a coping skill
  • as a way to find new coping skills to expand their toolbox
  • character cards can help open up a conversation about different ways to cope and encourage kids to think of their own ideas and many more! What people are saying about the Coping Cue Cards

"Love using these cards with my clients for self regulation." - Pat

"I am a school based counselor for grades K-2 and I use the cards in sessions to help build the child’s repertoire of coping skills." - Lisa

"Your cards have been put to good use. :) I am a job coaching my 16-year-old son who has Autism as a mentor for other people with disabilities. They have been so useful to teach coping skills with and reinforce back to my son why these strategies are so important." - Nancy


  • Created by an Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Mom of 2

  • 3.5" x 5" high quality cards with full color illustrations

  • Multicultural and inclusive

  • Each individual card features a different coping skill

  • Sorted into Coping Styles to make exploring and finding new skills easier

Create Magic At Work® (Journal Prompt Deck)

By: Amy Lynn Durham

Genre: Purpose & Priority

Do you feel stuck or lost in your work or career?

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to bring your team or co-workers together? ⁠⁠

The magical journal prompt cards from Create Magic At Work will increase vulnerability and courage within you & your team to become stronger & work better together.⁠
⁠Buy a deck and find your own creative way to use the cards and bring heart and human connection to the workplace.
One way to use the cards is to shuffle the deck, close your eyes and draw the card that is meant for you.
Some examples of the workplace topics are: Inspiring Others, Mentorship, Expansion and Productivity.

Creative Core Oracle Deck

By: Creative Core Wellness LLC

Genre: Mindfulness

This 44 card oracle deck with bespoke watercolor illustrations helps you connect to your creativity while holding moments of uncertainty or doubt with radical self-compassion.

Crystal Spirals Affirmations

By: Erin Hollon

Genre: Oracle

The Crystal Spiral card deck gives you instant access to our most popular healing crystal combinations in our Lula May Design Signature Spiral Collection. Each card is paired with a channeled Affirmation, crystal properties for easy reference, and a Reiki infused video recording of Erin, guiding you through the Affirmation, to help you align your mind, body, and spirit with the energy of these healing crystal combinations.

These cards work wonderfully, paired with our jewelry, or on their own. You can intuitively pull a single card each morning, interacting with all sides for the deepest alignment with the healing crystal energy. You may also enjoy creating your own spreads, pulling a card before meditating, and any other ways your creative inspiration guides you. May these crystal spiral cards be a blessing for you on your beautiful life journey.

Daily Ceremony Deck

By: Elena Brower

Genre: Purpose & Priority

This stunning 55-card deck connects you to your intuitive clarity, offering you a swift dose of guidance and ceremony.

Dear Universe Messages & Affirmations Deck

By: Tyrone Cusack

Genre: Mindfulness

The Dear Universe deck is your sacred companion in creating and supercharging your direct conversation with the Universe! 

Use this deck to awaken the conscious creator within you and deepen your connection to the magick of the Universe. With a variety of messages, gratitude prompts and powerful affirmations, a regular card a day could be all you need to boost your vibe, amplify intentions and keep those manifestations on track. 

If you’re a little more adventurous on your spiritual adventure, that's great! Each card welcomes introspection and acts as a great tool to explore the deeper meanings of the cards through journaling and meditation practices. 

The Dear Universe Messages and Affirmations Deck is an invitation to cultivate a deeper relationship with your innermost landscapes and explore your infinite potential within your sacred partnership with the Universe.