Good Morning Decrees


Use this deck to start your day at a high vibration. Wake up, stretch, and greet the day!

Why not say 10 Good Morning decrees per morning. It won't take any time and all and you will be ready to spring into your day.

​Created by Nidhu B Kapoor, Decrees are an amazingly powerful word technology.

The use of the right words in the right order brings about incredible speedster shifts in any project (the problem you are facing) instantaneously – swift, gentle, powerful, Speedster Shifts!

Everything is energy, including language. Energy is a vibratory, sentient frequency. We are constantly vibrating. Decrees are words with very high vibration. They carry a frequency that when used in a certain way, heal faster than anything else!

Decrees work at all levels you can think of - head, heart, emotions, thoughts and behaviors simultaneously.

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