Gaynor Beck


As a volunteer, my Soul Awoke in this Lifetime as an Energetic Catalyst for change. My Energy assists in the clearing of old Energies and the Realigning of the New. As Humanity moves into these newer frequencies, many are Awakening (remembering) and much is changing. With every breathe I take, I am here for Mother Earth. I am here to support those that are remembering and Walking Within to meet their Awakening Souls.

I am a Wanderer. The Earth called me, and I have been Nomadic since April 12th 2020. I go where my Soul leads me. I am a Songwriter/Musician and an Artist. I am the Mother of 3 Awesome adults and the Grandmother of 3 Adorable children. I have the best life! I meet and know, the best people! My life Rocks! Literally lol I'm holding Australia in my hands.

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Walking with the Grandmothers