Sinda Rae Wood


Owner of the Sacred Spark Studio and creative director of an intuitive artist and creator, in service, of 6 wisdom and affirmation decks. Living near Tulum Mexico part of the year, I am deeply inspired by the MAYAN people. The history they left behind is still drawing thousands to their ruins every month. The ‘snake’ descending the stairs of Chicheniza or the ruins at TULUM dangling above the sea are only two of so many found in the lush forests. Their absence has become their presence. I adhere to learning a language of light that will lift our vibration with each thought we utter. I hope you will find and enjoy your favorite decks — go ahead let them all speak to you as their language slips and slides over each other. I create decks that speak in simple spreads.. as they are wisdom cards they aren’t meant for tarot spreads but of course each owner uses them as they wish. However you decide to play with the cards I sincerely hope you will find joy and deep pleasure listening to thier voice. My first deck was created in the jungle— from a weekend retreat.. “Turn your Urban Leopard into a Juicy Jaguar.. in one sacred second” . And from there I began ChakraLove after dancing our chakras awake with a wonderful tribe of women. And the inspiration for more decks grew and grew. I heal through my words, so take them to heart. So onward… please play and enjoy the beautiful art on the cards. I hope your heart is opened and ‘perfumed’ by these works. As the Mayans say “en la’akech” I AM another YOU ❤️

Sinda Rae Wood I AM Another YOU