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Distant Early Warning Deck (aka DEW Deck)

By: Marshall McLuhan

Genre: Purpose & Priority

Six years before Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt designed their first pack of Oblique Strategies cards—a set of random aphorisms meant to clear creative blocks—communication theorist and philosopher Marshall McLuhan had designed a very similar deck in 1969, this one with a more direct nod to the classic playing card deck.

Divine Darling Affirmation Deck

By: Sara Miles

Genre: Mindfulness

40 Beautifully illustrated cards, each with a unique and empowering affirmation, in both English and Spanish.

Make affirmations a part of your daily ritual with the Divine Darling Affirmation card deck. A 40-card deck of lovely affirmations to help you shift your mindset and harness the power you hold within.

Affirmations are positive statements that can help you to challenge and overcome self-sabotaging and negative thinking patterns. When they are spoken often and with conviction, they can alter your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and behavior.

Do Less Be More

By: Amy Fairbridge

Genre: Mindfulness

This deck is created for anyone that desires a less stressful, less complicated life. For anyone that struggles with productivity and is tired of sacrificing the things that truly matter: your passions, your relationships, and your well being. Use this deck daily to help you transition out of burnout, and chronic stress and into more harmonious, joyful, simple living.

Emotional Collidescope (EC), The Introspection Deck, is designed to bolster human connections. Generate insight through conversations. Speak with intention, listen to comprehend, and above all, learn more about yourself and the people you're sharing this moment with.

​Emotional Collidescope, The Introspection Deck is filled with a series of introspective questions: Level one; Conscious. Level two; Preconscious. and Level three; Subconscious. Each level is lead by a different artist's thought-provoking art pieces.
Emotional COllidescope is where art meets psychology, "klecksography".

This is the time to create a safe space.
get intimately acquainted with vulnerability, untapped mental space, and subconscious emotional energy.
Allow yourself to dive deeper into your library of memories.
Create nostalgia and share your story.

Epic Leadership Journeys: Transformational Travel Wisdom

By: Sylvia Warren, MBA

Genre: Oracle

This consciousness shifting card deck of 54 stunning travel photos transports you to far away lands.

Looking through the lens of diverse, unfamiliar and unknown places, cultures and people sparks your sense of wonder, curiosity and imagination.

Each travel image opens your eyes to different points of view and multi-faceted ways of experiencing clarity, resilience, and inspired action.

What you see, feel, think and sense ignites sudden unexpected insights, innovative ideas, and viable next steps.

This assists you in generating creative solutions, remedying critical situations, and resolving the unresolved.

The Transformational Travel Wisdom you glean from each photo illuminates an Essence of Epic Leadership — a compelling, effective and regenerative way to move with grace and ease into the liberating expansion of who you are as an Epic Leader.

Welcome to the Epic Leadership Journeys: Transformational Travel Wisdom experience.

“We can’t navigate epic change, its challenges, and the unknown territory ahead unless ‘our come from’ is Epic.” ~Sylvia Warren, MBA | Epic Leadership Coach

As Albert Einstein said: “No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it. We must learn to see the world.”

F*cking Amazing Affirmation Cards

By: Divinity Collective

Genre: Mindfulness

Introducing the f*cking amazing affirmation cards
THE ONLY affirmation card deck that makes you feel amazing about yourself and your life.

That instantly gifts you a swear-filled positive punch to the face from the universe.

And removes all signs of negativity without buying a ton of cleansing kits and crystals (or hiring an exorcist, kidding…..not kidding)

AND that makes your life easier, and more impactful.

Oh....and all of that delivered the minute you open your digital deck of cards, even if you can't see your amazingness (yet!)

Financial Femme Fatale

By: Anja Sassenberg-DeGeorgia

Genre: Mindfulness

It's your birthright to become financially empowered! 30 days with these cards will launch this process. To achieve your full financial power, you must embrace a confident mindset and take courageous action. These cards are designed to nurture the crucial positive mindset you need. Use these cards for 15 minutes daily and watch your financial confidence soar!

Go Green Hacks

By: Level Up Cards

Genre: Mindfulness

GOING GREEN HAS NEVER BEEN EASIER! Every week, one card is randomly drawn from the 52 card deck. Each card assigns a fun, practical action step that will not only help you reduce your environmental impact, but will often deliver bonus benefits like better health and saving money!

Good Morning Decrees

By: Ayesha Hilton & Nidhu Kapoor

Genre: Mindfulness

Use this deck to start your day at a high vibration. Wake up, stretch, and greet the day!

Why not say 10 Good Morning decrees per morning. It won't take any time and all and you will be ready to spring into your day.

​Created by Nidhu B Kapoor, Decrees are an amazingly powerful word technology.

The use of the right words in the right order brings about incredible speedster shifts in any project (the problem you are facing) instantaneously – swift, gentle, powerful, Speedster Shifts!

Everything is energy, including language. Energy is a vibratory, sentient frequency. We are constantly vibrating. Decrees are words with very high vibration. They carry a frequency that when used in a certain way, heal faster than anything else!

Decrees work at all levels you can think of - head, heart, emotions, thoughts and behaviors simultaneously.

Gratitude Affirmations

By: Charlene Mortillo

Genre: Mindfulness

Our intention is to help start your mornings with a smile on your face and beautiful pictures to bring you peace. Choose a card each morning and start your day off right with these Gratitude Affirmations.

Heal Evolve Shine

By: Debbie Mckenzie

Genre: Mindfulness

52 Affirmation cards to cultivate your growth and expansion