Georgette Star MA, D.Min


Georgette Star MA, & D.Min is founder of the Life Blessing Institute. Holistic Practitioners and Coaches in her courses and programs receive training in the SOUL STREAM CLIENT BREAKTHROUGH METHOD, a signature system designed to take clients through a powerful and effective transformational protocol for self-discovery, transformation and life change. The SOUL STREAM METHOD includes an archetypal Life Mapping system that quickly identifies client Life Purpose, Needs for Fulfillment, Natural Abilities, Leadership Style and Learning Pathways. The SOUL CODE ILLUMINATION Card Deck is based on the foundation teachings of the Life Map Reading she teaches. The coaching certification training includes an energetic and somatically based step-by-step transformation protocol for dissolving the inevitable barriers that arise on the journey to clients desired outcomes.Graduates experience increased confidence and depth in their work and with appreciative client referrals their businesses and practices thrive. Georgette also offers Soul Stream Life Map Readings, individual and group Soul Stream Breakthrough Coaching

Georgette Star MA, D.Min Evolve Yourself - Transform Our World