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Jen’s degree in psychology and coaching certification provides her with the background to support mindset shifts that produce powerful transformation and deep, lasting change. She is passionate about connecting with Seekers who are yearning to experience a new kind of openness, expansion, and freedom.

Jen knows what it feels like to be living a life of external success while still feeling internally malnourished. One of her gifts is being able to open doors into new dimensions of experience for those who are ready for MORE but don’t necessarily know what that looks like or how to get there. In working with Jen, individuals are invited to tap into their authentic expression in a dynamic way that unlocks rich inner realms of connectedness that previously felt inaccessible.

Jen loves to teach individuals how to wield their power consciously so that they can create an inner ecosystem that supports a life of joy and fulfillment. She does this by providing tools and education that feeds the mind, engages the heart, and nourishes the soul.

While her years of study and research offer a powerful framework for all she does, Jen considers her own awakening journey to be the foundation of her work. She is passionate about sharing the insight and wisdom that she has gained through her own practice of embodiment to support others in their transformative soul resurrection journey.

Jen offers 1:1 sessions and group coaching for individuals seeking deep, lasting transformation, and she is passionate about supporting others to shed limiting mindsets and enhance their emotional health so that they can powerfully enhance the quality of their relationships, health, and wealth.


Jen is a 3x valedictorian, who understands both academic excellence and the skill sets needed to attain it. She has 9 years of tutoring experience working with students of all ages, but mostly focuses on supporting secondary students and post-secondary students on developing their writing abilities and successfully transitioning from high school to university. Her signature courses, University Prep 101 and Essay Writing Excellence, provide students with the foundational skills to achieve academic success. To learn more, contact Jen at

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