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10 Unconventional Life-hack Tidbits

By: Daniel Martinez Stahl

Genre: Learning & Coaching

These inspirational cards with a desk stand, of 10 unconventional life-hack tidbits, beautifully display information designed to help each of us remember how life actually works, and things we can do to help us align with our higher self. Reminding us that we already have innate well-being, which is especially helpful and useful during those times when we have forgotten or feel separate from our inner truth.

25 Essay Writing Tips

By: Jennifer Snoxell

Genre: Learning & Coaching

25 Essay Writing Tips is a deck that is designed to support students in their pursuit of academic excellence. It is practical and user-friendly, and explains the essential steps to follow to write high-quality essays.

Each card contains key principles from the creator's Essay Writing Excellence Workshop, which teaches students how to raise their grades by mastering the art of essay writing.

This deck can be used as a reference during the paper writing process, and specific topics can be searched using the card titles.

All the best with your essay writing!

25 University Prep Tips

By: Jennifer Snoxell

Genre: Kids & Parenting

This deck is designed to support students in their transition to post-secondary. It is practical and user-friendly, and outlines the five essential skill sets needed to excel academically in university: 1) Time Management Skills, 2) Critical Thinking Skills, 3) Research Skills, 4) Writing Skills, & 5) Study Skills.

Each card contains key principles from the creator's University Prep 101 Signature Course, which helps students jump-start their academic success by bridging the gap between high school and university.

50 Ways to Use Your Card Deck

By: Rosie Battista

Genre: Learning & Coaching

A Card Deck is quite the gem of a tool for coaches, authors, trainers, teachers, preachers, and anyone wanting to teach and share their message with their audience.

This 50-Card Deck shares 50 ways to use your card deck to get your message out there.
With ideas for building your business, growing your community, supporting your clients &
making more money.


By: Christa Cusack O'Neill

Genre: Spirituality

A Trauma-Informed Card Deck for the Wounded Soul

52Q: 52 Questions to Ask Yourself | Self-Coaching Deck

By: Stephanie D. McKenzie

Genre: Learning & Coaching

The 52Q Self-Coaching Deck puts answers and actions in the palm of your powerful hands, anytime and anywhere! It's just like having your own private coaching session with multi-certified coach Stephanie D. McKenzie (@stephaniedmckenzie) ...who is also the creator of the deck. 52Q is great for groups and couples seeking attention, individuals needing clarity or next steps, new and established coaches.

aatheart affirmations

By: Angelina A. Hunt

Genre: Mindfulness

Mindset fans are taking action with these affirmations! Let your heart be fed by the universe. Be intentional and become unstoppable in your life. Uplevel your personal wellness, motivation, and self-esteem.
Bilingual (English with Spanish) 50 cards, plus instruction cards

Adhouse Of Cards - A Deck For Adnerds

By: Adhouse Advertising School

Genre: Brainstorming & Ideation

Whether you're a student who is learning to concept like an advertising creative or an A-List freelancer trying to bang out that hundred-and-first idea, Adhouse Of Cards was built just for you. 35 proven techniques - tried and tested at Adhouse Advertising School - and ready to help you crack that award-winning campaign.

Another Door

By: Eleanor Tweddell

Genre: Business

See change as opportunity
Make it the best thing that ever happened to you.

Art of Being

By: Kelly Hill

Genre: Therapy

Self-Awareness through Intentional Motivation and enhanced character building skills conveniently written in alphabetical order. Each letter will focus on one character trait word accompanied by two separate cards articulating the art of becoming more like the characteristic word and the formation required to become more evolved and sustain a more balanced, empathetic and compassionate you.

Ascendant Woman Wisdom

By: Gillian Windsor

Genre: Mindfulness

Let's face it. Life is tricky and unpredictable.

Negotiating the day-to-day ups and downs, challenges, and confusions of existence often feels overwhelming and downright exhausting.

Insightful, pithy, always loving, and nurturing, the Ascendant Woman Wisdom Cards will guide you from confusion to clarity, harshness to gentleness, and gloom to buoyancy.

Your Ascendant Woman Wisdom Cards offer immediate, soul-nourishing encouragement and fresh insight whenever you need support, an extra boost of love, or clarity.

The Ascendant Woman Wisdom Card Deck is for women like you who want to become more confident, clear, and connected to their spirit of independence.

Beautiful Trouble Strategy Cards


Genre: Learning & Coaching

The key strategies and tactics that have inspired centuries of people-powered victories now in a deck of 100+ cards YOU can play!