Alison Pothier


Alison Pothier is an extraordinarily unique executive & transformational coach, intuitive, energy practitioner, writer and facilitator. American by birth and British by naturalization, Alison is the founder of Inside Out Retreats and features alongside world leading visionaries in the film documentary, Choice Point.

Previously a global head of eTrading, then Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer in the Futures and Options business in investment banking, Alison morphed from city high-flyer into spiritual entrepreneur when a series of life-changing events launched her into a profound self-reckoning. Met with guidance and first-hand encounters with spirit guiding her onto a very different path, Alison documented everything - especially her dreams, which offered both teaching and support for her journey. Hundreds of personal journals capture the depth and breadth of her extraordinary transformation along with the dreams, visions, synchronicities and teachings from spirit that inspired it.

Alison shares some of the quotes and valuable insights from her dreams in her inspirational DreamSpeaks deck.

A coach for others going through transformational change, her IBULIEVE deck (designed in collaboration with her husband) inspires the honing of one's beliefs to be able to realize our dreams, goals and aspirations ... and actualize one's true self.

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Alison Pothier Executive & Transformational Coach . Intuitive . Energy Practitioner