Hello Heart!


Feeling disconnected? Confused? Overwhelmed? Maybe your heart is asking to be heard!

THE HEART is the keeper of what matters to us (our vision and values), our emotions, and our deepest inner knowing. But its gifts can easily be hidden or obscured.

This deck offers 52 simple practices to help you slow down and deeply welcome the voice of your heart, so you can find more authentic, nourishing, meaningful connection, clarity, and ease in life!

USING THE DECK: Draw cards as a daily or weekly practice. Explore them as journal or creative writing prompts. Share them with your students or group gatherings. Offer them in your coaching sessions. Or savour them, when needed, as inspiration and motivation to connect with your heart!

Designed and created by Heidi Kalyani
Copyright © Heidi Kalyani, 2022

Heidi Kalyani is an architect of HEART•SPACE who is passionate about building spaces that foster authentic, nourishing, meaningful connection. She also loves singing, writing, designing, hiking, cooking, and drinking hot steamy tea. She lives in a small house with lots of sunlight in rural Nova Scotia, Canada.


Heidi Kalyani

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