Intention Deck

By: Mary Tinucci, LICSW, DSW

Genre: Mindfulness

Use this deck to set a daily, weekly, monthly, or even an annual new year intention. Shuffle the deck, draw a card, and let the intention card wisdom set you on a positive course.

Intuition Heart Cards

By: Tal Shai

Genre: Relationships

The Intuition Heart Cards are a delightful way to explore the many aspects of the heart....and our deepest love and be loved. The cards give messages and guidance that provide inner reflection and intuitive interpretation. These cards are a great tool to help individuals and groups shed obstacles that block our highest love flow - Nancy Clemens, author of The Dolphin Divination Cards"


" It is quite wonderful to experience the opening in people as they pick just the right card for their personal situation. In my work with couples the cards have acted as vehicles for authentic sharing and heart opening revelations. I have watched the cards create spaces in clients that are clearly linked to an inner knowing. On more than one occasion, a client has asked to pull cards at the beginning of a session. I recommend these cards to individuals, couples, and counselors in search of a non-threatening and inspiring tool." -Rev. Cynthia James, Mile Hi Church, Colorado, USA


"With the Intuition Heart Cards™ you can easily learn how to tune out the incessant chatter of your mind and align with the still flow of your intuitive voice. It makes moving from FUNKY doubt and worry to FABULOUS flow and crystal clear knowing, an absolute breeze… and a must for big dreamers!" -Eli Davidson, Bestselling Author of 'Funky to Fabulous'


"I have used the Intuition Heart Cards™ with adults recovering from substance abuse, women dealing with eating disorders, youth at risk and in corporate building seminars. Using the Intuition Heart Cards™ in groups deepened the conversation and opened people up in ways that were profound. I saw a huge difference in how people were able to express themselves both with and without the cards. I wouldn’t know what to do without them." -Tally Willmont, Founder of Equine Promise Program, CA)


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Karen Turner-Smith

By: Karen Turner-Smith

Genre: Mindfulness

Reduce and prevent the onset of anxiety and panic attacks with implementable actions when out and about or at home.

These cards will give you tools and techniques to make your life with anxiety a little easier.

Pack contains:

10 Red cards with actions for when you are in the middle of a panic attack.

10 Blue cards that give you self-help ideas to help reduce your anxiety.

10 Purple cards which are positive quote cards to inspire positive thinking.

10 Pink Cards which are affirmation cards.

An ideation deck for deck lovers. 42 ideas to launch your Deckible experience.

If you are a creator or a deck lover, this deck is an inspiration.

Life Cards

By: Osca Armstrong

Genre: Mindfulness

Your brain is a powerful tool. Play LIFE CARDS to program your brain with new software. Think better, faster and more creatively.

Entirely an original concept, designed, developed and successfully play tested over many years, now presented in a handy deck of cards.

Our way of thinking is a habit. A groove in the brain if you like, that is the brain’s preferred route.

Imaging a thought being like running water that creates a course. It always takes the same path, and the longer you think the same way, the deeper the channel gets.

Eventually the thought cannot escape and becomes a habit.

However studies have shown that our brains are actually quite malleable and that there are ways of creating new pathways.

Life cards give you the opportunity to turn the Current View of the Situation into a Better View of the Situation.


“Hewitt-Gleeson referred to CVS 2 BVS as the “universal software.” What does this term mean? Simply put: Whatever the current view of the situation (CVS), there is always a better view of the situation (BVS) — if one only looks for it. “The universal brain software allows the brain user to switch from one parallel universe to another,” or from the current view to a better view.”

Basically meaning that if you always do what you’ve always done, don’t expect the outcome to be any different and that a new or better view can often deliver a better outcome.

Playing life cards, you will soon discover that with practice, your brain can adapt and begin to look for new pathways all by itself.

Playing life cards will encourage your brain to do what you want it to by deliberately distracting it with a new task or idea.

Life cards are easy and fun to play, loaded with positive intent and motivational concepts.

Life Cards(Deck)

By: RoseAnn Janzen

Genre: Mindfulness

Life Cards help you step into your full spiritual abilities and potentials, steadily increasing your frequency and evolution toward enlightenment. As you evolve your depth of understanding of the Life Cards will increase. So the Life Cards will continue to aid your evolution for as long as you own them.

There are 4 decks combined to make one deck of 120 cards, so you will notice slightly different layouts for each of the 4 decks. Don't worry, just treat all 120 as one giant deck!

The Life Card deck may be used in multiple ways. Here are 6 possible ways:

1. Read the cards sequentially and follow the guidance of each card for one day then go on to the next card. This way you have time to practice the technique or guidance given.

2. Think of a business or personal question you have. Shuffle the whole deck then intuitively choose 5 cards. The 5 card collection can provide you with answers, guidance, and avenues of introspection.

3. When planning our business and/or personal year...shuffle the whole deck and choose either 12 cards (for 12 months) or 52 cards (for 52 weeks). Use those cards, in the order you intuitively chose them, as the guidance for each consecutive month or week. The Deckible app gives you options for keeping, recording, and sharing cards and groups of cards! Use the Planning Spread for the 12 month layout and the Random Spread for the 52 week layout.

4. Shuffle the whole deck. Intuitively pick a card to guide you for the day. Do this each day.

5. Play with the Cards in any of the pre set spreads. The Life Cards are super versatile!

6. Make up your own way to use them!

The Life Cards can help you no matter how you choose to use them. As you develop and evolve using the Cards your depth of understanding will increase so that the cards will continue to guide your evolution for many, many years.

Life Out Proud

By: Mary Tinucci, LICSW, DSW

Genre: LGBTIA+

Use these cards to:

1. support practices for well-being

2. support self-care

3. guide & foster group discussion

4. spark conversation with friends

5. focus on self-reflection

6. to choose journaling prompts

Magical Journey: A Playground of Possibilities

By: Valerieann Giovanni

Genre: Mindfulness

Create magical manifesting vortexes. Raise your frequency to match the frequency of your dreams. Meditate on the paintings for deep insights.

Manifestation: Creating the life you Love

By: David Spangler

Genre: Mindfulness

This Manifestation Card deck and downloadable PDF Manual comprise a training in the cosmology and basic techniques of manifestation.

Manifestation is the process of making something tangible by applying states of consciousness to the subtle energy fields of the world. It is a form of energy hygiene. More an incarnational process than one of acquisition or attraction, an understanding of the principles of manifestation give us techniques for shaping and crafting our lives in positive ways.

Using the 55 cards of the Manifestation Card Deck as a tool, this card deck along with the PDF manual explore these techniques and the principles underlying them.

Deck design By David Spangler.

Illustrations by Deva Berg.

May You Know Joy

By: Adrienne Enns

Genre: Mindfulness

The May You Know Joy deck is designed to inspire your most intentional and joyful daily living. Choose a card for the day and explore where there is an opportunity to be more mindful, joyful and present. Refer to the companion booklet for insight & inspiration. May you know great joy today & always.

Meaningful Messages

By: Livia Pewtress

Genre: Mindfulness

The things we say to ourselves and others have a great impact on our lives and our health! Let us SPEAK LIFE into our souls and our cells so we can live in joy!

These INTERACTIVE words work like fridge magnets that you can arrange on your card to customize your Affirmation or a positive message. Add a quick journal entry as you ponder or send your message to a friend via text, email, or messenger!

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Mental Toughness

By: Mental Toughness Institute

Genre: Mindfulness

Have you ever wondered how do some people continually strive towards their personal and professional goals year after year while others give up on them? How do those people stay strong and persevere when there is so much stacked against them? So how did they do it? They were simply not deterred by the uncertainties and difficulties they faced, but they embraced them and learn from them. Adversities are an inherent part of our existence. Consequently, our ability to overcome hardships and take action against unpredicted challenges has always been crucial for the survival of our species, as well as for the development of modern society.

The Mental Toughness cards are designed to help you navigate challenges and obstacles and become more confident in the face of adversity. Grounded in research, the MT cards follow the SCARFE™ Model for MT and are themed on 6 domains: Self-efficacy, Commitment, Attitude, Resilience, Focus, and Emotional Agility.

The MT cards help individual to identify the resilience they already have in their lives and recognise why building MT is vital to coping with difficulties.

The MT cards give information, questions, action points, and tips that can be used in a wide range of conversations and activities.

You can use the cards in teams, pairs, and individually. A MUST tool for individuals, coaches, managers.

With photos by Mandy Seligman