J Tamar Stone


J. Tamar Stone, M.A., is an internationally recognized psychotherapist, consultant, consciousness teacher, senior Voice Dialogue facilitator, and the originator of The Body Dialogue Process. She is the creator of Selves in a Box, a psycho-spiritual card deck and guidebook inspiring the interactive exploration of the Selves. Tamar is also the author of the Body Walk Meditations CD.

Selves in a Box was inspired by the revolutionary work of Tamar's father and stepmother, Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone. Over the past forty years, their methodology, known as Voice Dialogue, has profoundly influenced the lives of countless individuals and professionals around the globe. Selves in a Box provides a direct experience of this potent body of work. As a Voice Dialogue facilitator, trainer, and psychotherapist, she is honored to present this card deck as an embodiment of these teachings.

J Tamar Stone Learning to Live Outside the Box