Return to Mindfulness


Life is messy. And it’s beautiful. The Return deck offers a mindful lens for everyday life, to find beauty even in the messiness. You can draw cards to gain clarity about what’s happening and what’s important in the middle of a challenging day. You can also practice with the cards when life is good—to deepen your connection with all of life in that moment and make meaningful choices that benefit you, your loved ones, and the world.

Like a mindful friend, these cards are designed to be there for you when you need them.

Practice and play with the mindfulness cards to:

  1. Start your day intentionally
  2. Find clarity about a situation or relationship
  3. Make choices that are personally and collectively fulfilling
  4. Share a meaningful experience with a loved one
  5. Return to your present moment experience, possibilities, and creative insight

These cards are a work of love combining many hours of meditation, contemplative discussions, research, and a human centered approach to address the question:

What would help meditators integrate mindfulness into their everyday life?

The answers, we discovered, are relevant to everyone—whether you’ve been meditating for years or you’re not interested in meditation. Here’s the thing. Our minds enable us to see clearly, connect deeply, and find creative solutions. The same mind can also cloud our thinking, create divisiveness, and cause harm to ourselves and others.

While we may not have control over our circumstances, we can systematically and playfully strengthen habits of the mind that enable us to return to our innate capacity to know, feel, love, and connect with what’s important while staying open to possibilities.

More specifically, there are eight habits of the mind that empower us to be mindful in the real world:
1. Awareness
2. Compassion
3. Curiosity
4. Energy
5. Appreciative Joy
6. Inner Calm
7. Focus
8. Equanimity

Yup, based on the original mindfulness teachings and modern science, we can strengthen these eight habits that disrupt our default tendencies to rush and react and be mindful. This deck was designed to help you do that!

Each card in this deck has been lovingly created by Dr. Shalini Bahl and Max Alaghband to meet you wherever you are on your journey.

Dr. Bahl brings her lifelong commitment to mindfulness backed by her trainings, award-winning research, and experience of teaching thousands of people around the world.

Max Alaghband brings his training and expertise in yoga and human-centered design, which informed the development, testing, and trying of this product.

Most importantly, we brought our full selves to the project and hope that everyone benefits from these cards as much as we did in the process of creation and continue to do so as a part of our daily practice.

We'd like to acknowledge the mindful energy and creative contributions of the following team members.

Ankrish Milne ~ Creative OG Team Member
Laureen Andalib ~ Our talented designer for the cards
Jason Garvale ~ Mindful designer of the icons


There are many ways to engage with this deck on your own, with a partner, or with a group:

  1. Go through the entire deck, picking one card each day and using it as a reminder to practice and play throughout your day, and/or

  2. Pick a card from a mindful habit you feel you need most in that moment and let it guide you to return to your place of inner knowing, and/or

  3. Pick a random card and trust that that's the mindful habit you most need in that moment to see clearly and act intentionally

If you like, take the free mindfulness assessment to reflect on which mindful habits need your loving attention and which habits you're already strong in:

PS: Please reach out to us with your glitches in using Return. As we resolve these issues, we thank you for being an early user and supporter of Return. We will offer a Beta pricing of $5.99 till we are satisfied that the product is working like it should. After that the price will be $22.99.

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