Mishelle Knuteson


I have been gifted with the name Joti Premgeet Kaur, the Princess/Lioness who embodies inner light and love by connecting to God's sweet song. I have also been blessed with the healing power of touch. Chanting mantra is one way I connect to God's sweet song, increasing the capacity of these rich and wonderful gifts.

My passion is energy/body work. Healing through subtle movement and vibration, allowing the body to return naturally to a whole and healed state. My focus is to bring peace, health, and vitality to people. Giving the body input through the nervous system to help heal and create balance in people's lives.

The Chants for Change card decks are a perfect way to bring in subtle vibration and healing. Choosing a card daily helps to blend 3 of my morning practice; affirmation, meditation and chanting. Creating this amazing energy around me has been an enjoyable part of my spiritual practice. The card deck has made it easier for me to have an inspired focus.

I like to think of myself as an eclectic healer, having studied Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, receiving a master’s degree in Herbology at the School of Natural Healing and many other areas of the healing arts. I take principles and truths of these different systems and bring that knowledge into what will best serve my client. I am a Bowenwork practitioner, Thai Yoga Therapist, Rapid Eye Technician and a certified instructor for Qi Gong. My new area of learning is Kundalini yoga. I am loving the mantra meditations I am learning there, which inspired my second edition to the Chants for Change mantra decks.

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Chants For Change Kundalini Mantra


Your favorite Kundalini mantras at your fingertips. This deck contains 40 of the commonly used Kundalini mantras and their meanings.

Also included is common names and phonetic spelling of each mantra / chant.

Chants For Change Mantra Deck


Enhance your meditation practice by choosing a mantra card to give you a focus, a message for the day and increase your energetic vibrations.

Mantra is a tool that can help transport the mind from a state of activity to one of stillness and silence. Mantras hold meaning and messages placed in these Sanskrit words, yet the value lies in chanting them. Mantras are sounds, syllables or vibrations that hold a vast interpretation of meaning. These vibrational energies have an individual quality and affect which stay with you throughout the day even if your focus gets distracted. Choose a card and chant the mantra aloud or silently to take advantage of these wonderful, transformative vibrational energies. Included is a phonic spelling to help you pronounce them as well as a short audio.