By: Heidi Kalyani

Genre: Spirituality


Connection. Reimagined.

Deepen and demystify the art of creating safer spaces — one card at a time!

This deck puts the six foundational essences of heart•space, plus thirty-six empowering embodiment practices, at your fingertips so you can begin to harness their transformative power in the work you do to support others.

This deck can help you:

- boost engagement and participation

- minimize conflict, anxiety and boredom

- amplify trust and respect

- strengthen flexibility and resilience

- increase empathy

- foster a deep sense of being seen and heard

Use the deck to gain confidence with powerful embodiment practices that foster authentic, meaningful connection for you and the people you serve. Draw a single card for inspiration, select a handful of cards to increase your comfort level and proficiency, create a full hex-shaped layout to explore a specific challenge, or choose a card to share as an opening circle, journal prompt or discussion topic with your clients, staff, students or participants.

This deck is ideal for:

coaches, counsellors, yoga instructors, healers, teachers, facilitators, event organizers, leaders, managers, caregivers, mentors, change-makers or anyone else who is passionate about building safer spaces

48 cards (with detailed descriptions and journal prompts).

Enjoy the deck on your own or share the experience with others.


Designed and created by Heidi Kalyani


Copyright © Heidi Kalyani, 2022

Heidi Kalyani is an architect of HEART•SPACE who is passionate about building spaces that foster authentic, nourishing, meaningful connection. She also loves singing, writing, designing, hiking, cooking, and drinking hot steamy tea. She lives in a small house with lots of sunlight in rural Nova Scotia, Canada.

Highest Self Trajectory Deck

By: Suzette Farah

Genre: Mindfulness

I Align now with the feelings of Self-Acceptance, Wellness, Health, Freedom, and Transformation that I want to live in daily. With these Affirmation cards, I am now learning even this minute to another degree to perpetuate Productive Peace within me even whilst in full embrace of my deepest resistance.

I set intention for my Highest Self to be free to manifest.

High Vibe Card Deck

By: Becky Moore

Genre: Brainstorming & Ideation

This empowering 60-card deck offers fun and simple activities to help you get out of your head, reconnect with your body and raise your energetic vibration. When you lift your vibration and 'feel good' you become energetically aligned to receive more joy and ease in your life.

Holding Space for You - Chronic Illness Edition

By: Rosemarie Philip, MODL, PCC

Genre: Mindfulness

This sacred collection of love notes come from "spoonies" all over the world. Each card holds words that helped us feel seen, heard, valued. This deck can be used for journaling / art journaling prompts, meditation, or to provide a safe space during trying times. Some cards include audio to add to the experience of being heard. Note: Also a helpful tool for therapists who work with the chronically ill.

Holding Space for You - Standard Edition

By: Rosemarie Philip, MODL, PCC

Genre: Learning & Coaching

YOU are welcome here, exactly as you are. Created by professional certified life coach Rosemarie, each card holds statements that help us feel seen, heard, and valued. They provide a safe space, without judgment.

Get comfy, select a card you need. Place your burden here.

I Am Affirmations

By: Kelly Smith

Genre: Mindfulness

This deck will compliment 100 Days to Happier Gratitude Journal, found on Amazon

I Am Power Connectors

By: Rosie Battista

Genre: Brainstorming & Ideation

Contemplate, connect & commit to the awesome power inside you. These cards are at the prefect addition to angel and oracle card readings for deeper thought and self reflection. More than just powerful affirmations they connect you to the power within yourself. As you say "I Am" and contemplate on the prayer on the back- you commit and connect to a power greater than yourself. Randomly select a card each day that will help you look at life in a whole new light.


By: Lorrie Bowden

Genre: Mindfulness

A 76-card deck infused with intuitive guidance to help you navigate uncertain times. Use the cards to gain insight and possible solutions to problems and the resultant emotions caused by them. With the ability to be used several ways, this deck is a personal, private, self-help system that is relevant, and will forever stand the test of time.

IGI Affirmation Cards

By: Christina Pearce

Genre: Mindfulness

Intention, Gratitude & Invitation! The IGI cards encourage us to have enlightened moments and experiences in the here and now. Mindful manifestation begins with Intention. Gratitude helps us align our emotional frequency with that which we desire, and a simple Invitation can enhance feelings of well-being and create opportunities for clarity and connection.

These cards are a great way to kick up your manifestation mojo!

With 52 cards in the deck you can use them daily or weekly. It's great for Teachers, Coaches, and anyone wanting to have a transformational experience with an affirmation deck!


By: Nir Eyal

Genre: Purpose & Priority

In Indistractable, Eyal reveals the hidden psychology driving us to distraction. He describes why solving the problem is not as simple as swearing off our devices: Abstinence is impractical and often makes us want more.

Discover the 8 limbs of yoga through stunning art, powerful insights and guided practices that bring this wisdom into your daily life.

Draw a card, read the teaching and apply it to your life and practice.

Inner Wonder Cards

By: Lisa Louise Adams

Genre: Mindfulness

Original Watercolors and contemplations by Lisa Louise Adams