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Holding Space for You - Chronic Illness Edition

By: Rosemarie Philip, MODL, PCC

Genre: Learning & Coaching

This sacred collection of love notes come from "spoonies" all over the world. Each card holds words that helped us feel seen, heard, valued. This deck can be used for journaling / art journaling prompts, meditation, or to provide a safe space during trying times. Some cards include audio to add to the experience of being heard. Note: Also a helpful tool for therapists who work with the chronically ill.

Holding Space for You - Standard Edition

By: Rosemarie Philip, MODL, PCC

Genre: Mindfulness

YOU are welcome here, exactly as you are. Created by professional certified life coach Rosemarie, each card holds statements that help us feel seen, heard, and valued. They provide a safe space, without judgment.

Get comfy, select a card you need. Place your burden here.

Nir Eyal answers these questions (and many more) by explaining the "Hooked Model" -- a four steps process embedded  into the products of many successful companies to subtly encourage customer behavior.

This transformational card collection is a deep-dive exploration into how our beliefs shape our lives and how our lives reflect our beliefs.

Inspired by intuitive coaches, husband and wife duo, Alison Pothier and Jules Williams, the IBULIEVE coaching deck asks probing questions that invite you to hone and evolve your beliefs in order to manifest better outcomes in your life ... and free yourself to B and believe in U.

This 70-card deck helps you reveal the most pertinent beliefs influencing your current circumstances that, if honed, can unleash evolutionary freedom and inspired results.

I Do In 30

By: Kristin Sullivan

Genre: Learning & Coaching

Countdown the final 30 days until you say
'I Do' with this planning card deck.
Each beautiful card includes a daily yoga
pose, meditation, health and wellness tip,
key wedding planning checklist items &
more! Created with Love from Expert
Wedding Planner Kristin Sullivan.


By: Lorrie Bowden

Genre: Spirituality

A 76-card deck infused with intuitive guidance to help you navigate uncertain times. Use the cards to gain insight and possible solutions to problems and the resultant emotions caused by them. With the ability to be used several ways, this deck is a personal, private, self-help system that is relevant, and will forever stand the test of time.

IGI Affirmation Cards

By: Christina Pearce

Genre: Mindfulness

Intention, Gratitude & Invitation! The IGI cards encourage us to have enlightened moments and experiences in the here and now. Mindful manifestation begins with Intention. Gratitude helps us align our emotional frequency with that which we desire, and a simple Invitation can enhance feelings of well-being and create opportunities for clarity and connection.
These cards are a great way to kick up your manifestation mojo!
With 52 cards in the deck you can use them daily or weekly. It's great for Teachers, Coaches, and anyone wanting to have a transformational experience with an affirmation deck!

Inspiration Wild Cards

By: Jens Mühlstedt

Genre: Business

Inspiration Wild Cards is a set of 50 inspirational cards out of 5 categories. Every card is a stimulation for your creativity. The categories are: super forces, fiction laws, super heroes, stereotypes and nightmares.
This is an inspirational tool for brainstorming, containing 50 wild cards with food for thought. Give your ideation inspiration and boost your innovation with sparks of craziness. The cards bring unexpected solution spaces in every design workshop and disrupt common thought patterns for any product. You want rad product ideas? Here you have 5x10 wild directions you didn't think of.

Intuition Heart Cards

By: Tal Shai

Genre: Purpose & Priority

The Intuition Heart Cards are a delightful way to explore the many aspects of the heart....and our deepest love and be loved. The cards give messages and guidance that provide inner reflection and intuitive interpretation. These cards are a great tool to help individuals and groups shed obstacles that block our highest love flow - Nancy Clemens, author of The Dolphin Divination Cards"

" It is quite wonderful to experience the opening in people as they pick just the right card for their personal situation. In my work with couples the cards have acted as vehicles for authentic sharing and heart opening revelations. I have watched the cards create spaces in clients that are clearly linked to an inner knowing. On more than one occasion, a client has asked to pull cards at the beginning of a session. I recommend these cards to individuals, couples, and counselors in search of a non-threatening and inspiring tool." -Rev. Cynthia James, Mile Hi Church, Colorado, USA

"With the Intuition Heart Cards™ you can easily learn how to tune out the incessant chatter of your mind and align with the still flow of your intuitive voice. It makes moving from FUNKY doubt and worry to FABULOUS flow and crystal clear knowing, an absolute breeze… and a must for big dreamers!" -Eli Davidson, Bestselling Author of 'Funky to Fabulous'

"I have used the Intuition Heart Cards™ with adults recovering from substance abuse, women dealing with eating disorders, youth at risk and in corporate building seminars. Using the Intuition Heart Cards™ in groups deepened the conversation and opened people up in ways that were profound. I saw a huge difference in how people were able to express themselves both with and without the cards. I wouldn’t know what to do without them." -Tally Willmont, Founder of Equine Promise Program, CA)

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Kick Cards for Business

By: James Rutherford

Genre: Brainstorming & Ideation

Kick Cards are guided prompts, presenting discussions for teams and introspection topics for solo entrepreneurs.
They're suitable for idea sessions and to sharpen thinking - and also as a facilitation, mentoring, and educational tool.
Take a card, explore and build within your team, or pick one just for yourself to consider for the day.

I've tried, tested, iterated and improved them over years of conversations with teams and business owners.
They bring you the topics that should be discussed but often aren't.

What are you not seeing?.. Unlock your business potential!

An ideation deck for deck lovers. 42 ideas to launch your Deckible experience.

If you are a creator or a deck lover, this deck is an inspiration.

Leadership Hacks

By: Level Up Cards

Genre: Learning & Coaching

LEADERSHIP TRAINING PROGRAM THAT WILL HAVE YOU HITTING THE GROUND RUNNING! Goals are broken down into powerful but manageable weekly action steps that encourage developing leaders to practice winning behaviors, integrate powerful information, and focus on thoroughly developing a wide range of leadership skills. With only 2 minutes of reading a week, you will have all the time in the world to implement new behaviors that can result in big changes!