‘Simple Truths’ is a deck of cards designed to help you think about your relationships, be those relationships with people (partner, parent, colleague, etc) or things (money, work, the future, etc).

The deck is divided into two suits, each made up of 100 cards displaying a single sentence:

The red ‘tangled’ sentences represent the thoughts that may be holding you back in a relationship. For example, ‘There’s a limit to my love,’ ‘I would rather dream than act’, ‘I don’t deserve to win’.

The green ‘untangled’ sentences express thoughts that may be more constructive. For example, ‘I will open the door’, ‘I will share my secret’, ‘No more theories, just the facts’.

You are invited to focus on a particular relationship, and then choose up to three red ‘tangled’ cards and three green ‘untangled’ cards. You read the sentences and reflect on how they apply to the relationship in question. Where is the truth?

In some cases, the sentences might confirm what you were already thinking. In other cases, they might name something of which you were only dimly aware. They might challenge your assumptions. They might even get you to rethink the relationship altogether.

There is no limit to how many relationships you can think about with the cards. The two hundred sentences should give you everything you need to express what is hindering those relationships and how to help them.

This is a digital version of the deck. To access after purchase install the Deckible app for IOS or Android.

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