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I am a dog Mom and work from a vintage camper/mobile office named Betty after my Grandmother. I share my time between Naples, Florida, and Nashville, Tennessee. I’ve spent decades planning and executing destination experiences as the owner of Swivel Group Events, a destination planning company providing 360 degrees of detail designing unforgettable weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and corporate VIP experiences for thousands of clients. The mission is simple, a passion for helping others celebrate milestone moments in life. I’ve expanded my business to include holistic experiences for Wedding Colleagues and Wedding Clients. Through these interactive experiences, I am able to serve more people and dive deeper into the world of wellness. Now known for “marrying wedding planning to wellness” I lead retreats with an abundance of industry knowledge, a heart full of kindness, a positive mindset, and a safe space for clear focus & navigation ahead. I am an International Best-Selling Author, Podcast Host, The North America Mentor for The Wedding Academy Global and I have been featured on ABC Primetime and quoted on,, among many other publications. Hospitality fills my heart; the Entrepreneur Escape is held at my Florida Airbnb where we will work 1:1 to find clarity on your path.

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