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aatheart affirmations

By: Angelina A. Hunt

Genre: People Of Color

Mindset fans are taking action with these affirmations! Let your heart be fed by the universe. Be intentional and become unstoppable in your life. Uplevel your personal wellness, motivation, and self-esteem.
Bilingual (English with Spanish) 50 cards, plus instruction cards

Epic Leadership Journeys: Transformational Travel Wisdom

By: Sylvia Warren, MBA

Genre: Mindfulness

This consciousness shifting card deck of 54 stunning travel photos transports you to far away lands.

Looking through the lens of diverse, unfamiliar and unknown places, cultures and people sparks your sense of wonder, curiosity and imagination.

Each travel image opens your eyes to different points of view and multi-faceted ways of experiencing clarity, resilience, and inspired action.

What you see, feel, think and sense ignites sudden unexpected insights, innovative ideas, and viable next steps.

This assists you in generating creative solutions, remedying critical situations, and resolving the unresolved.

The Transformational Travel Wisdom you glean from each photo illuminates an Essence of Epic Leadership — a compelling, effective and regenerative way to move with grace and ease into the liberating expansion of who you are as an Epic Leader.

Welcome to the Epic Leadership Journeys: Transformational Travel Wisdom experience.

“We can’t navigate epic change, its challenges, and the unknown territory ahead unless ‘our come from’ is Epic.” ~Sylvia Warren, MBA | Epic Leadership Coach

As Albert Einstein said: “No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it. We must learn to see the world.”

Her Heart Full of Bright Hope

By: Ayesha Ophelia

Genre: Oracle

Her Heart Full of Bright Hope is an oracle of journal
prompts for the woman who understands her heart as a beacon for truth and direction. The oracles intention is to bring a certain illumination back into any area of your life that feels dull or uninspiring through the power of putting 'pen to paper' and opening yourself through the beauty of query. The process of working with the oracle is like the sun coming up to wake any newly planted seeds into the continuing cascade of the fruitful life you are creating.Spoiler... the energy of faith suddenly becomes a habit that is easy to spot in the outside world.

The deck has 55 prompts that will guide you through an archetypal journey of womanhood touching on the many areas of life and love through a series of juicy questions, heart provoking self-inquiry, and remembering how to get radically curious
about yourself through one of the most powerful tools
on the planet...writing! Before you begin your journey with daily journal prompts, know this, handwriting increases neural activity in certain sections of the brain, similar to meditation. According to a study, the mere act of writing by hand unleashes creativity not easily accessed in any other way. This is perhaps the true
magic of a pen: It transports us to unexpected places, on wings that require no more than a timely shot of ink to keep them aloft, destination unknown. And in the process, the mindfulness writing engenders encourages calm and creativity." - Nancy Olsen

IGI Affirmation Cards

By: Christina Pearce

Genre: People Of Color

Intention, Gratitude & Invitation! The IGI cards encourage us to have enlightened moments and experiences in the here and now. Mindful manifestation begins with Intention. Gratitude helps us align our emotional frequency with that which we desire, and a simple Invitation can enhance feelings of well-being and create opportunities for clarity and connection.
These cards are a great way to kick up your manifestation mojo!
With 52 cards in the deck you can use them daily or weekly. It's great for Teachers, Coaches, and anyone wanting to have a transformational experience with an affirmation deck!

Discover the 8 limbs of yoga through stunning art, powerful insights and guided practices that bring this wisdom into your daily life.

Draw a card, read the teaching and apply it to your life and practice.

Launch Deck

By: Roger Overall & Nick Kellet

Genre: Therapy

An ideation deck for deck lovers. 42 ideas to launch your Deckible experience.

If you are a creator or a deck lover, this deck is an inspiration.

Modus Operandi

By: Rayshauna Gray

Genre: Purpose & Priority

The 72-card Modus Operandi Deck is designed to help people sit with life's big questions. Whether solo or with others, prepare for meaningful reflection.

This pandemic has forced us to reconsider so many of the ideas, motivations, and historical circumstances (personal, familial, and cultural) that got us here. I think it's important we (re)consider what keeps us going and why.

Pastel Magic Tarot

By: Maria Morales

Genre: People Of Color

A 78 card tarot deck based on the Smith Rider Waite format. A cute, pip-style deck with pastel tones, a great addition to any collection. Instruction booklet not included.

Social Balance Planning Card Deck

By: Yamilette "Dr. Yam" Williams

Genre: People Of Color

Your social media solved!
The Social Balance Planning Card Deck was created to help you strategically plan your content to improve your social presence and grow your target audience relationship. Using 6 proven categories your week, month, and year of the right content to educate and engage is a no-brainer.

One deck of 50 cards
⭐ Six unique suites
⭐ 48 strategies
⭐ A million possibilities to plan your social media content and have fun doing it!

Wild Hearts Oracle Deck

By: Ayesha Ophelia

Genre: Oracle

Living dangerously is something wild women have no choice but to do. For it means, we are living our lives with wide-open hearts… Boundaries like a motherfucker and the sweetness only vulnerability has to offer. This oracle deck is a mystical divination tool for wild hearts. Each card represents a theme or archetype for the feral woman. Clarissa Pinkola Estes says, "Within every woman, there is a wild and natural creature, a powerful force, filled with good instincts, passionate creativity, and ageless knowing."
These cards are for that woman. She is on a never-ending quest for more of herself and her wildest nature. May these cards light the way.