Laura E. Lomax


Laura brings more than 35 years of leadership experience, including 18 years as CEO of a healthcare management firm primarily focused on actualizing my father’s vision: stellar physicians providing quality medical care in state-of-the-art multispecialty centers throughout ‘underserved’ communities in Philadelphia. As a practicing physician and entrepreneur, his mission was to give access to the best health and customer care to those deemed the least. This vision of excellence expanded to include staffing and then operating health care systems in police departments, sheriff departments, prisons, and jails in 11 states and 60 facilities across the U.S. Even in these complex and challenging work spaces, Inclusion was always a core value; the key to keeping employees engaged, motivated, and willing to lead and serve in a highly structured yet unpredictable environment.

Since 2015, Laura has focused on innovative cultural competency-building programs for individuals and teams in education (K-20), banking, health care, law enforcement, social services, and hospitality.

Tapping into all of her experience and education, Laura uses one-to-one and team coaching to build learners’ mindsets, heart sets, and handsets, as keys to sustaining inclusive workplaces. The ultimate goal is to enrich co-worker relationships, conversations, and team performance to achieve organizational goals. Using a developmental model that is grounded in theory and best practices, Laura meets ‘students’ where they are as part of her learner-centered training framework.

​Laura has a BA in Anthropology, a Master of Science in Instructional Design and Technology, and has certifications as an Intercultural Practitioner, a Qualified Intercultural Development Inventory Administrator, a Professional Coach, a Cultural Detective, and Training the Trainer in Emotional Intelligence in Diversity. Laura is also an author of a best-selling cookbook, Grandma’s Kitchen Goes Green. with plant-based versions of traditional soul food recipes.

A Philadelphia-area resident, Laura has traveled through West Africa, India, Ireland, and Israel, where she lived from 2008-2009.

The Inclusion Card deck is a culmination of personal and professional experiences, learned knowledge, channeled creativity, accumulated wisdom, and artistic expression to continue to guide learners to develop their best and highest selves.

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Laura E. Lomax Intercultural Practitioner | Instructional Designer | Training and Development Specialist | Inclusion Coach Digital Card Deck Creator Discovering Humanity Through Mirrors Windows and Doors

Discovering Humanity Through Mirrors Windows and Doors


Inclusion Cards are designed to guide individuals and teams to rethink their everyday interactions with colleagues and clients. Imagine what inclusion looks and feels like in your organization: cohesion, innovation, engagement, productivity.

Each of the 54 cards includes a vibrant illustration on one side and on the flip side, workplace scenarios and personas, and thought-provoking questions. The third side of the cards offers intercultural microlessons that provide cultural context and insights into the interaction. Cards are intended to prompt reflection, new perspectives, conversations, and writing about a range of ways to interpret interactions, communicate effectively, and act appropriately to achieve a shared mission.


Laura E. Lomax