Her Heart Full of Bright Hope

Her Heart Full of Bright Hope is an oracle of journal
prompts for the woman who understands her heart as a beacon for truth and direction. The oracles intention is to bring a certain illumination back into any area of your life that feels dull or uninspiring through the power of putting 'pen to paper' and opening yourself through the beauty of query. The process of working with the oracle is like the sun coming up to wake any newly planted seeds into the continuing cascade of the fruitful life you are creating.Spoiler... the energy of faith suddenly becomes a habit that is easy to spot in the outside world.

The deck has 55 prompts that will guide you through an archetypal journey of womanhood touching on the many areas of life and love through a series of juicy questions, heart provoking self-inquiry, and remembering how to get radically curious
about yourself through one of the most powerful tools
on the planet...writing! Before you begin your journey with daily journal prompts, know this, handwriting increases neural activity in certain sections of the brain, similar to meditation. According to a study, the mere act of writing by hand unleashes creativity not easily accessed in any other way. This is perhaps the true
magic of a pen: It transports us to unexpected places, on wings that require no more than a timely shot of ink to keep them aloft, destination unknown. And in the process, the mindfulness writing engenders encourages calm and creativity." - Nancy Olsen


Ayesha Ophelia

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