Her EveryDay Oracle


Hello Goddess, It is my honor to release my very own 62 Card Divine Feminine Oracle deck with you all!

This deck is for you if you wish to embrace your Divine Feminine Energy. If you know me, you know how much I value my relationship with the Divine.

It is my hope that by connecting with self, you too establish a deeper bond with the Divine. This is how I use my deck: Create a sacred space and allow your Higher Self to send messages to you so that you are ready to receive the guidance the Universe has to offer you.

Embrace the Goddess within, strip down and let your soul speak to you. This deck is designed so that you develop a stronger relationship with you! May you always remember that you are not defined by anything other than the definition you give yourself!

Tarot Readers, you will find yourself receiving intuitive downloads as you get familiar with the deck. If you're not a Tarot Reader, or new to Tarot, don't count yourself out. This deck was made to help you develop your intuition!

Here are a few questions that I ask my deck:

  • What does my higher self want to say to me
  • What does my heart want to say to me
  • What does my body want to say to me

This is a digital version of the deck. To access after purchase install the Deckible app for IOS or Android.

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