More Lyfe tarot


The More Lyfe Tarot deck is based on the original 78 card rider waite tarot deck; And is specifically designed to enhance our innate ability to connect with higher powers and spirit guides. This deck is accessible to anyone, regardless of their location or level of familiarity with tarot. Prior to creating this deck, my understanding of tarot and divine intuition was limited. However, the process of developing this deck served as a catalyst for me to delve deeper and embark on a profound spiritual and self-help journey.
I wholeheartedly encourage all those who encounter this deck to embrace it and embark on their own transformative journey. The possibilities are boundless, and your unique path awaits. May you find fulfillment and wisdom as you navigate through the cards, connecting with your intuition and receiving guidance from higher realms.

With warm regards,Jade X


Jade Marshae

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