Spirit Walk Vision Cards


Explore and Examine Your Own Journey with these energetically elevating, visually stimulating, self-discovery cards that were painted by Blanche during a stream-of-consciousness art session in October 2021.

When using the Spirit Walk Vision Cards allow your own inner curiosity and spirit of adventure to guide you. This artistic deck has 30 colorful cards that invite you to play within your introspection and insight. Allow yourself to feel, explore, and imagine. Each card has energetic enhancements called Activation Affirmations to assist you on your journey; if need-be.

Remember to TRUST YOURSELF when choosing how you interact, connect and experience this playful spiritual tool. Playfulness is the new Mindfulness. Embrace its power.

You are being called to “come home to your true nature.” You hold all the keys to your dreams and the answers to all your questions! Its time to remember.

Welcome to your divine life's journey!

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