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25 Essay Writing Tips

By: Jennifer Snoxell

Genre: Brainstorming & Ideation

25 Essay Writing Tips is a deck that is designed to support students in their pursuit of academic excellence. It is practical and user-friendly, and explains the essential steps to follow to write high-quality essays.

Each card contains key principles from the creator's Essay Writing Excellence Workshop, which teaches students how to raise their grades by mastering the art of essay writing.

This deck can be used as a reference during the paper writing process, and specific topics can be searched using the card titles.

All the best with your essay writing!

50 Ways to Use Your Card Deck

By: Rosie Battista

Genre: Learning & Coaching

A Card Deck is quite the gem of a tool for coaches, authors, trainers, teachers, preachers, and anyone wanting to teach and share their message with their audience.

This 50-Card Deck shares 50 ways to use your card deck to get your message out there.
With ideas for building your business, growing your community, supporting your clients &
making more money.

Another Door

By: Eleanor Tweddell

Genre: Brainstorming & Ideation

See change as opportunity
Make it the best thing that ever happened to you.

Beautiful Trouble Strategy Cards


Genre: Brainstorming & Ideation

The key strategies and tactics that have inspired centuries of people-powered victories now in a deck of 100+ cards YOU can play!

A versatile deck of 53 cards to facilitate good conversations and deep thinking.


By: Scott Leiper

Genre: Purpose & Priority

COGNITIZE is a people development-focused card deck that creates limitless opportunities for people to transfer their learning into cohesive action through the power of story and sharing. Develop ourselves and gift our knowledge to others.

COGNITIZE – to learn, share, grow and repeat.

Create Your Own Card Deck

By: Jennifer Barnfield - Card Deck Publishing

Genre: Learning & Coaching

Course in a Card Deck: Create your card deck from idea to design to print-ready and published. This card deck will help you understand every single step involved including card sizes, postal sizes, how to create your card deck designs, template sizes to use, pricing, printing, launching and designing. More information is available at

Creative Core Oracle Deck

By: Creative Core Wellness LLC

Genre: Brainstorming & Ideation

This 44 card oracle deck with bespoke watercolor illustrations helps you connect to your creativity while holding moments of uncertainty or doubt with radical self-compassion.

Creative Thinking Cards

By: Charles Fischer

Genre: Learning & Coaching

This powerful deck of creative thinking cards will provide hours of inspiration. Learn new strategies for creative thinking and use the random elements to explore hundreds of ideas and combinations. Each card has an image, a quote, two icons, and a random word that can be combined in multiple ways for writing, daily journaling, and creative enterprises. Designed by an award-winning author and teacher, these cards will change the way you see everything.

Creative Thinking Cards: Zany Supplemental

By: Charles Fischer

Genre: Learning & Coaching

The zany supplemental to the Creative Thinking Cards, this deck offers new and exciting possibilities to push your creativity to new levels. Each card has an image, a quote, two emojis, and a made-up word that can be combined in multiple ways to spark new ideas.

Creativity Tarot

By: Sarah & Leila

Genre: Brainstorming & Ideation

The Creativity Tarot is a pack of cards inspired by Jungian archetypes, branding archetypes, modern life – and of course traditional tarot decks. We hit on the idea after noticing that a lot of people (including us) have been feeling pretty stuck during the long, uncertain pandemic period. It’s harder to make decisions, harder to motivate ourselves and harder to trust our instincts when everything we thought we knew has been turned upside down.

But our instincts and intuition are still an excellent, and under-valued, starting point for decision-making. However you choose to use them, these cards supply intriguing answers to open-ended questions.

And if that sounds a bit too ‘woo’ for you, each card has a specific, enjoyable, quick challenge written on it. So if deep readings aren’t for you, just draw a card from the deck and commit to the task. Our easy, uplifting challenges are designed to help you connect with that inner child and get up to some mischief. We promise that after building a blanket fort, making a funny meal or writing a furious argument against the existence of a popular season, you’ll feel a whole lot better than you did before.