SoulCards 1


SoulCards help you to access wisdom, intuition and creativity. When a card is chosen in association with a question, the image often evokes immediate insight.

The guidebook supports you to use your creative resources to delve into the images through journal writing, storytelling, visualization, movement, dream incubation and other expressive modalities.

When used in relationships and groups, SoulCards catalyze refreshing responses and authentic communication.

Children are fascinated with the images, and often verbalize with unexpected wisdom and maturity.

The uses of SoulCards are endless!

"Mysterious and revealing…these images help us to understand our own souls."
Isabel Allende Author, The House of the Spirits

Through her years of Touch Drawing, Deborah has tapped into a universal level of the human soul. Out of thousands of drawings, she selected 60 to share with the world in the best selling SoulCards 1&2. Each deck is complete unto itself. Used together, they offer a richer range of imagery.

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