Supposing you believed that your best advice comes from within? Not just advice but creative courage for/from your wise Inner Artist. You’ve likely seen rigid art manikins posing on shelves. Have you ever seen this scarf-clad Emotikin living life fully? It's the Inner Artist personified. Go with us and within to explore magical inner landscapes from seashore to mountains and regular places too. These genuine photographs will transport you into soulful encounters with nature and serendipity. A few questions posed on each card point you toward imagining new possibilities. You also get an -ing word for living into the answers, as Rilke once told a young poet. Diving deep into the heart of your creativity has never been so curiously delightful!

When the soul wishes to experience something, she throws an image of the experience out before her and enters into her own image.


Thanks for playing! Be sure to check out the Guidebook, swiping to see all 7 pages, including the origin Story of a Life Before Fully Living and Care of Your Own Emotikin.


Shelly L. Francis is an author and creativity coach, speaker, and metaphortographer, who created her first Emotikin in 2003. She’d forgotten how to play and feel carefree, but the Emotikin brought her back to life. She began enjoying photoshoots and blogging for soul sustenance and fun, and is now happy to share the Supposing cards in print and digitally on the Deckible app. Author of The Courage Way and Eleven Brave Pinecones, She is publisher at Creative Courage Press in Colorado, where she is collaborating with other authors to create more courage for the complexity of being human. Visit and

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