Finding Grace in Challenging Times

By: Ayesha Hilton

Genre: Mindfulness

Sometimes, life is so hard, we don't know how we will keep going.

This beautifully illustrated deck has been designed to bring you peace, support, and grace during challenging times.

Four Faces Lenormand Cards

By: Evina Schmidova, Roman Wimmer

Genre: Oracle

Languages: English, German, French, Czech

Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand (1772–1843) was a French professional fortune-teller. In France, Lenormand is considered the greatest cartomancer of all time, highly influential on the wave of French cartomancy that began in the late 18th century.

Showing psychic potential at the age of 7, and interested by many types of divination from an early age.

Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand won huge fame at some stage in the Napoleonic generation for her fortune-telling capabilities.

Over the years she told the fortunes of many of France’s royal and innovative “elite.” Among her clients had been the Princess de Lamballe, the Superintendent of the Queen Marie Antoinette’s Household; Honoré Gabriel Riqueti, the Comte de Mirabeau; Robespierre, the unwell-fated Deputy of the Committee of Public Safety; the diplomat Talleyrand; Prince Metternich, and Czar Alexander of Russia.

Fractal Awakening

By: Kimberly Rae Hansen

Genre: Oracle

Have you ever heard that little voice in the back of your head? You know the one. That soft yes or no when you question taking the next step or not. Have you ever ignored it only to end up saying, I knew I should have done that! five minutes later? That whisper, or voice, or whatever you want to call it is known as intuition. Everyone possesses itthe angel and devil on your shouldersyet many find that inner voice unreliable, and too many misses lead to mistrust. Intuition is also individualized, which makes it difficult to decipher because everyone receives and interprets their messages in a unique way. In other words, what works for your friend may not work for you. However, maintaining a strong, reliable intuition is the key to unlocking lifes happiness. What if there was a tool designed to help build, strengthen, and grow your intuition, like a muscle? Even better, what if that workout came without all the sweat and gym fees? What if that intuitive musculature could be turned into a monumental skill set, which then led to a stronger sense of self and a richer, more fulfilled life by tuning in to everything we have been conditioned to ignore? Fractal Awakening takes you on a journey of intuitive self-discovery by learning how to hear, interpret, and respond to your intuitive messages on a regular, daily basis. Using Fractalicious sacred geometry energy art cards, this card/book combo reveals how to tap into the inner fractal at your core, teaches simple exercises and repeatable challenges for every stage of intuitive evolution, and provides answers for those searching for peace and guidance by looking within. Fractal Awakening opens the door to a new way of thinking and leads to a new way of life.


Fractal Flow

By: Kimberly Rae Hansen

Genre: Oracle

Welcome to the third installment of the Fractalicious Oracle Deck series.

Take your intuition development to the next level with this Reiki infused, Fractalicious original art, coloring book deck! Fifty-five intuitively channeled Fractal Energy Art images adorn each card that YOU color, radiating unparalleled vibrations and meaning, for beginner and expert practitioners alike. Power words, like fractals, vibrate at high energy levels. Use this powerful deck to raise your personal, energetic soul vibration and re-wire your brain to draw more gratitude and positivity into your world.


Grab your favorite coloring tools colored pencils and gel pens work best. Heavy markers may bleed through to the back of the card.

Find a quiet space to unwind and connect, interruption free.

Each card is titled with a high vibration energy word.

Meditate with the image while feeling the high vibe word resonate inside you.

Colorize the image intuitively.

Jot any keywords, notes, or messages at the bottom of the card in the space provided.

Colorizing tip: The images are meant to be challenging to color. Deeply connecting with each image will create a deck that is uniquely yours. Consider focusing on one or two colors per card, so that the chosen hues mean something to you personally. Focus on coloring the parts of the image that speak loudest, leaving the rest black and white. For a true challenging experience, work on coloring the whole image. Do what works for you. Your intuition will guide you to color the best way, for you. Consider joining the Facebook Group Fractal Awakening to showcase your colorized masterpieces. Fractals are an age-old tool assisting our path to deeper self-understanding, spiritual guidance, intuition growth, and insight.

Fractal Lucidity Oracle Deck

By: Kimberly Rae Hansen

Genre: Oracle

The highly anticipated expansion pack to the Fractal Awakening Oracle deck and book!

Enjoy the perfect addition to your Fractal Awakening set with the Reiki-infused healing and loving energy of Fractal Lucidity Intuition Oracle Cards. Use as a standalone or mix Fractal Lucidity cards with the Fractal Awakening deck to expand your intuitive growth tool. These easy-to-interpret cards create impressive and striking spreads. Intuitively channeled Fractal Energy Art images adorn each card, radiating unparalleled vibrations and meaning for beginner and expert practitioner alike.

Ganja Oracle

By: Karry L

Genre: Oracle

Twenty four exquisite cards map a self-discovery journey through coherence of spirit, soul and body. Marijuana opens the doors of perception. When we become aware of the dream we become the dreamer. We realize the source is within and the created is the creator.

Goddess Freya Rune Cards

By: Evina Schmidova, Roman Wimmer

Genre: Oracle

She was the most beautiful and best beloved of all the goddesses, and while in Germany she was identified with Frigga, in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Iceland she was considered a separate divinity.

Although goddess of love, Freya was not soft and pleasure-loving only, for the ancient Northern races said that she had very Queen of the martial tastes, and that as Valfreya she often led Valkyrs. She was therefore often represented with corselet and helmet, shield and spear, only the lower part of her body being clad in the usual flowing feminine garb.

As goddess of beauty, Freya was very fond of the toilet, of glittering adornments, and of precious jewels.

Freya was also the proud possessor of a falcon garb, or falcon plumes, which enabled the wearer to flit through the air like a bird.

She also had a chariot of her own, however, in which she generally traveled, which was drawn by cats, her favorite animals, the emblems of caressing fondness and sensuality, or the personifications of fecundity.

The Northern people were wont to invoke her not only for success in love, prosperity, and increase.

Heal Evolve Shine

By: Debbie Mckenzie

Genre: Oracle

52 Affirmation cards to cultivate your growth and expansion

Heaven & Earth Oracle Deck

By: Sherry Hedden

Genre: Oracle

Heaven and Earth Oracle deck is a divinely channeled creation. It is a 56 card deck with meaningful messages and bright colored carefully selected photos. It is unique from other decks and is charged with a powerful energy. Buy one today!

Her Heart Full of Bright Hope

By: Ayesha Ophelia

Genre: Oracle

Her Heart Full of Bright Hope is an oracle of journal

prompts for the woman who understands her heart as a beacon for truth and direction. The oracles intention is to bring a certain illumination back into any area of your life that feels dull or uninspiring through the power of putting 'pen to paper' and opening yourself through the beauty of query. The process of working with the oracle is like the sun coming up to wake any newly planted seeds into the continuing cascade of the fruitful life you are creating.Spoiler... the energy of faith suddenly becomes a habit that is easy to spot in the outside world.

The deck has 55 prompts that will guide you through an archetypal journey of womanhood touching on the many areas of life and love through a series of juicy questions, heart provoking self-inquiry, and remembering how to get radically curious

about yourself through one of the most powerful tools

on the planet...writing! Before you begin your journey with daily journal prompts, know this, handwriting increases neural activity in certain sections of the brain, similar to meditation. According to a study, the mere act of writing by hand unleashes creativity not easily accessed in any other way. This is perhaps the true

magic of a pen: It transports us to unexpected places, on wings that require no more than a timely shot of ink to keep them aloft, destination unknown. And in the process, the mindfulness writing engenders encourages calm and creativity." - Nancy Olsen

HeroRise Masculine Archetype Deck

By: Isaac Cotec

Genre: Oracle

The Masculine Archetype Deck gives you a tangible way to explore your psyche and break free from unhealthy patterns.

You don’t need to be a wizard, sage, or psychologist to read these cards. This deck can be used as an oracle deck, or a learning guide.

This immersive 47-card deck is for:

- Men seeking to find strength and balance in their Masculinity

- Women exploring Masculine energy

- Non-Binary people embracing the complexity of gender expression

This deck can help anyone connect with the Masculine Archetypes – regardless of biology, gender identity, or sexual orientation. How you come to this, can be as rich and complex as Masculinity itself.

How Good Are You Willing To Let It Get? Oracle Deck

By: Sarah Bamford Seidelmann

Genre: Oracle

A deck of 60 spirit-infused divination cards created by shamanic healer and author Sarah Bamford Seidelmann MD and her magnificent spirit animal Alice the Elephant is now available for pre-order.

Each elegant card, featuring fantastic images from the public domain and Sarah’s personal ephemera collection, is designed to inspire and encourage creatives, healers, and helpers of all sorts.

Alice offers her sacred wisdom in a lighthearted (and sometimes salty) way and Sarah adds a thoughtful prompt and simple daily prayer to accompany her message. Themes include prayer, meditation, humility, moderation, self-love, family, friendship, creativity, pitfalls & quagmires, addiction recovery, and dealing with fear.

There is a coordinating book of daily inspiration that is sold separately.

"Seidelmann's transcribed instructions from Alice the Elephant in How Good Are You Willing to Let It Get? card deck bring a sense of higher meaning, softness, humor, and beauty to our human voyage through a difficult world. Sarah Seidelmann is a true medicine woman, and everything she creates is good for what ails us."

Martha Beck, author of Expecting Adam and Finding Your Way in a Wild New World

"How Good Are You Willing to Let it Get is guaranteed to lift your mood, put a spring in your step, and pull you out of whatever funk that old logical brain of yours has plunged you into at any given moment. We all need help keeping our vibration high so that life gets better and better. And we all need validation for when things aren't so great. This card deck is designed to assist with this level of human homework. Enjoy them."

Christiane Northrup, M.D., New York Times best-selling author of Goddesses Never Age, The Wisdom of Menopause, and Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom