Lynda Rosemarie Stevens


I was born in the UK and live and work in Budapest. Hungary.

I work as a freelancer. Tarot, alongside other esoterica, has been a strong interest of mine for most of my life, alongside creating art



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Lynda Rosemarie Stevens Chalice tarot deck Cascades Oracle

Cascades Oracle Deck


This oracle was conceived in 2020, during the lockdown brought about by the Covid 19 virus.

Nothing else could have presented a better opportunity for focusing so intently on a new divination project.

I used a series of collages created on A4 paper from which a smaller number was selected, then the titles and divination messages were compiled.

This deck is mostly intended as a tool for anyone who may be ’stuck’ in some way, and the titles and short sentences are intended to help the querent think more laterally, in order to find a creative solution, much in the spirit of a tool such as Oblique Strategies, though this was not necessarily the intention of this compiler to begin with.

Forty pieces of marbled collages were chosen as the artwork, and it is hoped the that colour and patterning within each work will stimulate the mind of both querent and reader.

Any further inquiries can be sent to me at my email address, at and further updates may be followed via my website page:

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The Chalice Tarot - 78 Cards


The Chalice Tarot - 78 Cards 34.99 $USD Edit Deck
Chalice Tarot Deck (Description: 270 words ) Tags (3) :
The Chalice Deck is a full colour 78 deck of tarot cards created by Lynda Stevens.
Each card was designed on stiff paper in different colours, then hand drawn with black ink pen and Caran D'Ache colour pencils. Many of the cards were reworked and redesigned several times before the artist was completely satisfied with them. The project was begun in 1986 but after a limited edition of the major arcana was published by Adam Mc Clean in 2006, it was decided to redesign several of the cards yet again.
This is because in some cases the colours of the cards had faded and it was also felt that some of the cards
needed a fresh new design, to create a still more exciting and appealing Pack.
This pack is therefore the most up-to-date version of the Pack now available.
This guide is intended to be very brief, but a more comprehensive book intended as a more exhaustive guide to to this deck is also now available at
The Chalice Pack is intended as a commentary, sometimes even a polemic, on tarot symbolism from a very individual viewpoint and perspective. The colour and pattern symbolism of each card is intended to speak to their user directly, regardless of how each card has been interpreted. The symbolism of each card does not forget the medieval origins of the first known tarot cards, whilst much has also been drawn from contemporary life in the inception of each card design.
Any further inquiries can be sent to my email address, at and further updates may be followed via my website page:

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