Sylvia Moss


The Angels Speak Wisdom cards is Sylvia Moss's first card deck. The deck incorporated images from her acclaimed book Angels of New York, a meditative photographic journey and 25 other divine celestial beings from Rome.

Sylvia's theory about angel art is that the energy and essence of the angel an artist was channeling, at the time the art was being created, is imbued in her photographs. So the images in this card deck are carrying the essence of an actual angel. Please tune into these cards and listen deeply, they are alive and here to befriend and assist you in your life and your transformation.

The Angels Speak Wisdom deck has several purposes. One is being a Wisdom/Oracle deck and the second most exciting and powerful is as a teaching tool to discover how you can communicate with the angelic realm. Sylvia has classes using this deck and is an inspirational teacher and guide for communing and talking to your personal angel, any angel in this deck, or of the entire angelic realm.

Her training program of Angelic Alchemy incorporates this divine advanced work with the Angels. Dive in the water is deep, rewarding, and magical.

Sylvia Moss Vibrational Sound Healer, Clairvoyant, Sound Alchemist, Angel Emissary, Photographer, author