Archangel Chakra Oracle


This card deck is brought to you by the Archangels of Heaven. Archangels are heavenly beings of pure light who have made themselves available to support us on our Earthly journey – and beyond. They know who we are with and without our body – as energetically complicated beings and work primarily in the “unseen” realms using the will and gifts of God.
Our chakras and auric field are affected by the energy of our physical, emotional and mental experiences and environment. This may include experiences, thoughts, and feelings from other life-times.
All of this energy has created your body and life at this current moment. The good thing is it’s “just energy” and this can be worked on by the Archangels – but only if you ASK, LET GO and RECEIVE.
The Archangel Chakra Oracle card deck consists of 44 cards containing a message and something to ASK the Archangels for help with for each card.
When you read the invocation, you are asking for their assistance. Know that the Angels will come. There need be no pleading. Allow time for the work to be done (usually seconds) between sentences. You may want to read the invocation two times and pause for the work to be done the second time. Most cards have a “Thank you” at the end. This is not for the Archangel – they appreciate our gratitude, but it is in your gratitude that you RECEIVE or ALLOW them to help.




Misty Harding

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