Cosmic Deck of Initiation


There comes a time in every generation when consciousness shifts, and new paradigms and philosophies begin to expand into our realities. At those times new tools and modalities evolved into the culture to facilitate the further expansion of consciousness. This deck was channeled as this new wave of consciousness crested and started to open the hearts and minds of the culture. The use of the ancient form of mandalas to express the spiritual energies of the transformation process brings the wisdom of the ancients forward in time to aide in the ascension process of the consciousness evolving to new levels of awareness.

This is your personal deck, as you work with it, as you link with the patterns and tap into the energy that is within the cards you will start to have a more intimate experience with each card and perhaps even shift or expand on the definitions given in this book. There are intentional blank spaces within so that you can take notes or shift meanings … Feel free to expand on what I have written for as it becomes more familiar to you, it literally becomes you. This deck provides a tool to tap into and open to the energies that are within you and will give philosophical wisdoms for you to consider in evolving your spiritual energies and how to use them within your reality.

This deck offers positive insights and true understandings of our realities. It gives no negative admonitions, no pejorative interpretations. Each challenge, person, and situation in life is recognized as another step, another step forward to greater self-understanding, growth and evolution of spirit. To judge our lives as good or bad is to cast opinion from a limited perspective. Challenges are opportunities for growth that we asked to be provided with in order reach greater frequencies within.

The deck Will never give you a yes or no (trust me on this one… I tried) but rather you will be given areas to focus on, wisdom to weave into situations or insights to reality that you might not have considered. This is a deck of growth and spiritual insight. It well may trigger creative energies and open you to new vistas within your life. This is a channeled deck, channeled through one who is not an artist, and yet I painted; bringing wisdom through time, and yet I am not a philosopher or sage sharing insight and spiritual magic, and yet wisdom flows through me. It came through me, not of me and I cannot express enough the love and creative gifts I have experienced because of the gift of this deck.

These cards are not just pretty paintings. They were painted in a specific order to express the Spirits journey from the time of entrance into this reality to the time of exit when we cross over into the threshold to another dimension and level of consciousness. In using the deck, it is important to pay attention not just the names of the cards but also how the patterns are placed within the form … are they sharp or rounded, how are the colors overlaid and what is the background color. Color was very important in the creation of every card. The chakra colors are represented in every card with a white center representing the Source of all creation or the Divine, or Cosmic Consciousness (you get the idea). Pay attention to how the colors are represented in each card for they will trigger messages themselves within your consciousness. The Cosmic Deck was designed and channeled with the chakra system in mind …each of the mandalas were painted with all energies represented as well. As you work with the deck and get into the greater subtleties represented you will find that the colors give you even more detailed information. For those who want to go even further into the use and understanding of the cards I am including chakra color information here so that you can draw upon it when and if you reach that point in your use of the cards. But, most importantly of all …have fun with them and remember that we are supposed to celebrate rather than just survive this lifetime and that all the gifts and talents that we carry within are tools gathered through countless lifetimes and brought to this reality to manifest even greater treasures that are within.

About the author - Barbara has been a seeker of the mysteries of spirituality and a practitioner for over half a century, at least that’s what she’ll admit to. During that time, she has become an internationally known podcast host on her show, Night-Light Radio, an author, artist, lecturer, ordained minister, and documentarian. She painted the Cosmic Deck of Initiation, a hand painted deck of Mandala Oracle cards to be used for private divination and spiritual growth and wrote the handbook, How to use the Cosmic Deck of Initiation. Her website, is a teaching site combining personal information and a plethora of spiritual material, intended to supply insight and light, laughter, and love for all those seeking their own personal pathway within the spiritual spheres.

Razor Group Interactive – This app has been a spiritual and creative collaboration between myself and Razor Group Interactive, lovingly called by me “Elf Central.” Their creative and technical skills have gone far and above my expectations, and beyond, crossing over into elements of real magic. Razor Group has been meticulous in all areas and often stretching my material into new levels of expression even I had not seen. They are responsible for the magic carried within, supplying the magic carpet upon which this app travels. I cannot thank Razor Group and Elf Central enough.


Barbara DeLong

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