Avalon Kisbey


A renowned professional tarot reader and oracle designer, recognized globally as "The Cosmic Oracle", I master the art of sensing cosmic shifts. Born intuitive, my gifts extend to feeling the myriad vibrations produced by celestial bodies in constant flux. Beyond my personal practice, I am also the proud Founder and Lead Instructor at The Avalon Academy. This is not your conventional learning hub. Often characterized as a modern mystery school, it nurtures and celebrates the mystical in our day-to-day lives. Our curriculum, honed by my hands-on immersion in the spiritual world, carries an accredited status, making it a beacon for those seeking enlightenment and understanding. Immerse yourself in the wisdom of both the seen and unseen worlds, guided by a proven guardian of ancient knowledge and contemporary skills.

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Avalon Kisbey The Cosmic Oracle

Ask the Tarot: Divine Counterparts Edition


Invite the wisdom of the Universe into your life with Ask the Tarot: Divine Counterparts Edition oracle deck. This is the 2nd addition to the very popular Ask the Tarot series. Unlike any Oracle deck you've seen before, it's specifically designed to overcome the common challenges sometimes encountered with understanding the obscure and mystical realm of tarot reading.

Each of the 60 unique cards in this deck is tailored to guide you towards the exact question you need to pose, sparing you any confusion or doubt about what to ask. This novelty will open new dimensions of intuitive guidance, helping you weave more profound narratives and insights.

Themed around divine counterparts such as Twin Flames, Soulmates, and Twin Souls, this deck can serve as a trustworthy bridge between your conscious mind and the universal truths of love and soulful connections. Each card is intended to spark deep psychic resonance, nudging forth the truths that lie dormant within us, waiting to be discovered.

This deck is an exquisite tool for discovering clarity in love and personal relationships. It can lead you on a path of introspective exploration, affirm your bonds with your divine counterpart, or uncover the mysteries of a yet unmet soul connection. Regardless of your need, this deck can illuminate the path forward.

With harmonious designs and ethereal illustration, the Ask the Tarot: Divine Counterparts Edition ensures a beautiful and intuitive tarot reading experience. Whether you're a tarot master, spiritual seeker, or curious beginner, this deck's approach to providing clear, directed questions will add a valuable new dimension to your readings. Unravel the mysteries of the cosmos and the human heart as you journey into the realm of conscious connections and spiritual unity.

Expand your spiritual toolkit and deepen your understanding of divine love with Ask the Tarot: Divine Counterparts Edition oracle deck. Connect, ask, and hear the answers that the Universe holds for you.


Avalon Kisbey

The Cosmic Oracle


Introducing "The Cosmic Oracle" - an ethereal journey through divine symbolism sculpted in the timeless language of flowers, moons, and goddesses. This deck is a celestial celebration where the mysteries of the cosmos intertwine harmoniously with the delicate beauty of earthly blooms.

Every card is a unique masterpiece, bathed in the soft glimmer of gold gilding that reflects the warm radiance of celestial bodies. The lyrical interplay of lunar silhouettes, the organic elegance of floral motifs, and the empowering symbolism of goddess images create a tangible connection to the divine energy that pulsates through the universe. Each card, thoughtfully and meticulously designed by a professional Tarot reader, holds a universe within itself - an invitation to access the boundless wisdom of the cosmos.

Adding this oracle deck to your daily routine or integrating it with a Tarot reading can ignite a new level of interpretative depth and potency. Each card also comes adorned with its own key word - a curated selection of powerful, transformative intentions to guide you through your spiritual quest. Use these cards as your daily theme, allowing the key word to imbue your actions, thoughts, and decisions with celestial energy, and to illuminate the path of self-discovery with its light.

"The Cosmic Oracle" is not just a deck of cards - it’s an exquisite tool and companion inviting you to dance with the divine and perceive the invisible rhythm of the Universe. Use it to delve into the magical realms hidden within the everyday landscape, and to unveil truths you were always meant to discover. Here begins your sacred journey of connection, growth and transformation with "The Cosmic Oracle."


Avalon Kisbey

The Oracle of Avalon


Immerse yourself in a mystical journey with the Oracle of Avalon Cards. This deck, an honorary favorite, is crafted with utmost care and inspired by the ethereal wonder of the Isle of Avalon, Glastonbury, and the ancient henges nestled in nature. Every element of this deck is imbued with messages from the past, waiting to bring enlightenment and guidance to your present.

Each card in this deck is an artistic marvel, adorned with mesmerizing and detailed illustrations. Artistry and spirituality intertwine on each card, revealing beautiful depictions that correlate perfectly with the descriptive words. The added gold gilding brings a unique level of opulence, making each reading feel like a journey through a spiritually rich, golden age.

This deck manages to capture the transcendent aura of Avalon, drawing you into a realm filled with ancient wisdom, mystical lore, and ethereal beauty. The meanings behind the cards are inscribed, providing a clear interpretation and aiding your intuitive guidance. Whether you're initiating an intimate self-reading or offering insights to others, these cards aim to provide clear pathways and ignite the inner oracle within.

The Oracle of Avalon Cards are versatile and can be used as a stand-alone deck, or mixed in with other Oracle or Tarot decks for a comprehensive reading. This flexibility allows for an enhanced, multi-layered understanding of the messages, creating a landscape of deep spiritual dialogue.

Uncover the secrets of Avalon, step into the realm of intuition, and awaken the seer within.


Avalon Kisbey

Ask The Tarot: Love and Abundance Edition


Introducing the "Ask the Tarot: Love and Abundance Limited Edition" deck - a breathtakingly beautiful collection designed as a toolkit for tarot enthusiasts of all levels - beginners, experts, and professional tarot readers alike.

Imagine opening up a world where the Universe guides you in asking profound questions as part of your Tarot deck reading. We often grapple with what questions to ask during readings, but with this companion Oracle deck, your confusion ends. It's an intuitive guide, assisting you in uncovering the perfect questions for understanding matters of Love, Self Love, future love prospects, career choices, and life paths.

Every card in this curated deck is meticulously designed, bearing the heart and soul of its creator - a seasoned professional Tarot reader. I've noticed clients often struggle with formulating the right questions; this Oracle companion aims to fill that gap and streamline their journey.


Avalon Kisbey