Angel Numbers Oracle Cards

By: Essense Divine

Genre: Oracle

Are you always seeing the same numbers? We're here to tell you, it's not a coincidence. Your angels, guides, loved ones are trying to give you a message.

We've created a pack of 12 cards filled with messages to remind you that you are loved and never alone.

The front of the cards showcase original artwork from Zoe Dedes.

The back of the cards are angel numbers and affirmations.

000 - 1111 - 222 - 333 - 444 - 555 - 666 - 777 - 888 - 999 - 1010 - 1212

If you see 111, or 22, or variations, they still apply as a message.

How to use these cards:

- Bring them with you wherever you go

- Gift individual cards to someone special

- Keep your favourites in your purse

- Keep them by your bedside or in your altar

Illuminated by the documentary Awake In The Darkness, 103 beautifully, uniquely illustrated quotations cards, surfacing the deepest insights from Aubrey Marcus's fractal flowering pineal gland, kindling infinite light into the rich luxurious darkness.

Embrace Your Divine Heart

By: Anna Marie Nicoletti

Genre: Spirituality

This goddess of BLISS is the channel for nourishing your very being, touching the higher realms where your passions and mission reside. All will elevate your vibrations to receive endless more on your search and discoveries along the way.

Your heart space of love is infinitely sacred. Reconnect and deepen that which is already there. Co-create and awaken with Spirit in your unique way.


By: Heidi Kalyani

Genre: Brainstorming & Ideation


Connection. Reimagined.

Deepen and demystify the art of creating safer spaces — one card at a time!

This deck puts the six foundational essences of heart•space, plus thirty-six empowering embodiment practices, at your fingertips so you can begin to harness their transformative power in the work you do to support others.

This deck can help you:

- boost engagement and participation

- minimize conflict, anxiety and boredom

- amplify trust and respect

- strengthen flexibility and resilience

- increase empathy

- foster a deep sense of being seen and heard

Use the deck to gain confidence with powerful embodiment practices that foster authentic, meaningful connection for you and the people you serve. Draw a single card for inspiration, select a handful of cards to increase your comfort level and proficiency, create a full hex-shaped layout to explore a specific challenge, or choose a card to share as an opening circle, journal prompt or discussion topic with your clients, staff, students or participants.

This deck is ideal for:

coaches, counsellors, yoga instructors, healers, teachers, facilitators, event organizers, leaders, managers, caregivers, mentors, change-makers or anyone else who is passionate about building safer spaces

48 cards (with detailed descriptions and journal prompts).

Enjoy the deck on your own or share the experience with others.


Designed and created by Heidi Kalyani

Copyright © Heidi Kalyani, 2022

Heidi Kalyani is an architect of HEART•SPACE who is passionate about building spaces that foster authentic, nourishing, meaningful connection. She also loves singing, writing, designing, hiking, cooking, and drinking hot steamy tea. She lives in a small house with lots of sunlight in rural Nova Scotia, Canada.

JuJu for the Soul

By: Kimberly Crowe

Genre: Spirituality

JuJu for the Soul oracle deck, written and illustrated by intuitive visual artist, Kimberly Crowe, was created to hand you tools to connect to your inner knowing.

You are invited to use these oracle cards to create a Sacred Connection in your life and remember the Gift that you are to Humanity.

The intention of these cards is to assist you to reconnect with your inner self and find the magic within.

Kimberly's gift is sharing her understanding of this multi-dimensional world we live, love and create in.

The artwork in these cards is downloaded with Transmissions of Light Codes to support your inner knowing.

An ideation deck for deck lovers. 42 ideas to launch your Deckible experience.

If you are a creator or a deck lover, this deck is an inspiration.

Manifestery & Magic Affirmation Deck

By: Michele Walsh

Genre: Spirituality

Your journey to next-level success is within you. This deck has been created and infused with powerful energy to help guide you and support you in what you need at any one given moment in time.

Use these daily to affirm the truth of who you really are and the impact you are here to make.

Meaningful Messages

By: Livia Pewtress

Genre: Purpose & Priority

The things we say to ourselves and others have a great impact on our lives and our health! Let us SPEAK LIFE into our souls and our cells so we can live in joy!

These INTERACTIVE words work like fridge magnets that you can arrange on your card to customize your Affirmation or a positive message. Add a quick journal entry as you ponder or send your message to a friend via text, email, or messenger!

Join me at

MicroCosmic Wisdom

By: Sondra Barrett, PhD

Genre: Spirituality

Bridging the mystical and the molecular, MicroCosmic Wisdom oracle cards are the first to feature mysterious microscopic photography as an inspiring gateway to the Divine. The artwork on the cards comes from science and the mysteries of Creation. They are photographs through the microscope of mineral salts that are part of us and also associated with the signs of the Zodiac. They bring together the four elements of Air, Water, Fire, and Earth to expand our connection with Nature, our inner nature, and even, astrology.

Reiki Joy - Daily Card Deck

By: Sue Davies

Genre: Mindfulness

These daily cards are an invitation, Just for Today..., then swipe left for more information. Ponder, journal, meditate or take action. The choice is yours.

Intended to enrich your life, invite more joy and deepen your Reiki connection.


By: Lilly Lavande

Genre: Spirituality

Rejuvenate volume 1 is the first set of 8 cards in a series of 8. The deck includes 8 powerful images featuring the beautiful and intricate art by Lilly. Each image has a further 5 sides, 1 is the back and the other 4 some wisdom and inspirational thoughts that can help guide the participant on matters of their health and wellbeing, clearing energy to reboot and rejuvenate the system!your The first volume of 8 contains 8 power packed pathways forward through any blocks or imbalances in our energy and towards a happier and healthier you. You receive guidance and advice and also are encouraged to delve into your own creative relationship and journey with these richly filled images in the cards.

Why 8? It is a magical number of infinite possibilities and here it is the 7 energy centres and the 8 the embodiment of all omnipresent, Spirit, God whatever you like to call this mystical force and connection.