Rev Ronda Del Boccio


Hello, love! I’m Ronda—Rev. Ronda Del Boccio if you add the fancy titles. I’m a healer, author, and mentor (amongst other things) who teaches unique people to step into your power. Always the weird, different one, I now teach people who have strong intuitive/psychic abilities to step into their amazing gifts with purpose and confidence so that you can live your authentic self and feel a strong connection to your Divine Source..

My Mission

My Soul Purpose is to be a living blessing and show you that YOU are lovable, whole, and ALWAYS connected with Source/Divinity/God/Nature. Come to me to embrace your abilities, trust in yourself, and live your magic.

My story

I am a HSP (Highly Sensitive Person), queer, neurodivergent, fluffy, blind humanoid in this body. In truth, a StarSeed sharing message of divine love through a variety of coaching and healing modalities, including Coaching, Oracle Card Reading, Sound Healing, and astrology.

As a child, I was always the different one—and not different in a good way, according to “the world.” Mostly blind, active mind (neurospicy), not straight, but not fitting any category, Always the outcast, loved books and hated sports, related to adults better than kids, extremely psychic but couldn’t tell anyone what I saw because that was too weird and scary (or just my vivid imagination)…

…basically, I was the Queen of the Island of Misfit Toys.

Maybe you’ve experienced some similar situations and feelings in your life. I always find my tribe of talented misfits!

Now, I teach people worldwide how to trust yourself, honor your gifts, and live your magic.

Why come to me?

You have amazing gifts that people need. The more you express your truth, the better you will feel—and the more connected to your Divine Source.

When we work together for your coaching or oracle reading, I will for sure use a wide variety of tools, such as my psychic gifts, meditation, mindfulness, sound healing, coaching, oracle cards, and crystals.

I approach my sacred work—and my life—with an open heart and mind. I work with people of many spiritual and nonspiritual paths and backgrounds. No matter who you are, you are okay. You are not broken. You are safe, cherished, and welcome here.

Intuitive Readings: My goal will always be to help you understand and accept yourself more deeply. You’ll leave with practical guidance and resources to help you take action on your discoveries.

Classes: When you learn any aspect of psychic/spiritual development from me, we will start with the right mindset and heartset to ensure you are operating from your truth. You’ll learn skills such as meditation, pendulum, crystal healing, or psychic self-protection. My practical, empowering methods mean you’ll feel confident and empowered as you develop new skills.

Healing: When you come to me for soul work, you might experience Sound Healing, astrology, energywork, and psychic insight to help you move the stuck energies and clear your field.

Let’s connect

Ready to explore the depths of your soul and step into your personal power? I’m here to walk alongside you and guide you on the journey. I can hardly wait to watch you shine! Let me know what you need, where you’re stuck, or what you most want to accomplish.

Got the App?

Rev Ronda Del Boccio  Teaching Highly Intuitive People to Live Your Magic

Embracing Intuition Affirmation Cards


You've always been a little different. Your intuitive or psychic gifts set you apart. You know things others don't know and receive signs and messages that others don't recognize. It can be a difficult path.

As an extremely psychic-sensitive child, I learned that I shouldn't talk about the spirits I saw, the feelings I had, or the things I knew. I had nobody to talk to--nobody in my family had powers--no mentors. Nothing. I had to figure out a LOT by myself. I embraced my abilities and used them essentially in secret for a long time.

I'm an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person, in case you haven't seen that term), empath, clair, medium, animal communicator...and on it goes.

Now I love teaching psychically gifted people to help you connect with the divinity of yourself as you discover how to trust, embrace, and grow your abilities.

These affirmation cards help you do all that and more. Draw a card. Read and speak the affirmation aloud. Meditate and journal about it.

You may notice feelings coming up--maybe self-doubt, or imposter syndrome, or wondering whether your gifts are real. But you're not an imposter and your gifts ARE real. You have them for a reason.

Give yourself a hug and begin your journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance, and self-love.

Winged Messengers Divine Guidance Cards


Winged allies, including birds, butterflies, dragonflies, angels, multidimensional beings, have important messages for you.

Whether you're navigating a difficult season, facing a decision, or seeking guidance along your journey, these Winged Messengers bring you their sacred wisdom.

Each of the 60 images in this deck represents an aspect of life, such as Turbulence, Gratitude, and Clarity. Let the winged ones guide you!

Plus, Archangel Sandalphon has blessed each image with 2 sacred transmissions to ensure you always feel connected with Divinity/Source/God.

These cards are inclusive in nature. I recommend you draw an image each day and meditate and journal on the card you receive. Then use the multi-card layouts whenever you want to go a little deeper.

Everything I do is done with love and in a sacred manner.

Have a Blessed Day


These blessings speak to any spiritual person, regardless of your path. Start each day with a blessing. Meditate/pray with this card's message. Fill the world with love and blessings!