Awake In The Darkness


Illuminated by the documentary Awake In The Darkness, 103 beautifully, uniquely illustrated quotations cards, surfacing the deepest insights from Aubrey Marcus's fractal flowering pineal gland, kindling infinite light into the rich luxurious darkness.

The phrase "awake in darkness" can have different interpretations depending on the context.

Literally, "awake in darkness" could refer to being conscious and alert during the nighttime hours when it is typically dark outside.

Metaphorically, "awake in darkness" could refer to being mentally or emotionally aware during a difficult or challenging time. It could mean having a clear understanding of a situation that is shrouded in uncertainty or confusion.

From a spiritual or philosophical perspective, "awake in darkness" could refer to being conscious or mindful of one's inner experience even when surrounded by darkness or negativity. It could mean having a deep sense of inner peace or enlightenment despite external circumstances.

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