MicroCosmic Wisdom Oracle Cards


Bridging the mystical and the molecular, MicroCosmic Wisdom oracle cards are the first to feature mysterious microscopic photography as a gateway for divination and inspiration.

The artwork on the cards comes from science and the mysteries of Creation. They are photographs through the microscope of mineral salts that are part of us and also associated with the signs of the Zodiac. They bring together the four elements of Air, Water, Fire, and Earth to expand our connection with Nature, our inner nature, and even, astrology.

This deck goes where no deck has gone before and reflects the dance between the visible and invisible worlds, physical and metaphysical elements of the Universe. The images are abstract, with no fixed or pre-determined symbols, therefore your inner knowing and intuition play a big part in interpreting the unique messages for you. Though each card has guidance and a keyword, you will likely discover your own guidance and maybe even names for the cards. Allow the images to speak to you.The geometric patterns uncovered with the microscope, correspond with one of the 4 elements of Air, Water, Earth, and Fire.

Thus MicroCosmic Wisdom embraces characteristics of the 4 elements to symbolize our innate wisdom.The 4 elements are in Nature, ancient wisdom traditions, astrology, and modern psychology. They are portals into our invisible world.

Since there is also an astrological connection to these elements they open a unique doorway into your birth chart. When you use these cards with an astrological spin, you will understand your life in a whole new way. Discover your Cosmic Code and your oneness with all of creation. Yet astrology is not the only portal into the inherent wisdom of these cards.

The focus of this deck is to help you align with your sacred alchemical self and your innate wisdom to reclaim and rejoice in the truth of who you are. These cards can guide you to discover yourself as a sacred loving wise being connected with spirit. The microscopic mineral salts hold unexpected sacred information in a visual language that helps you tap into your wisdom consciousness. As you dive more deeply into these cards, you will discover how to engage the elemental forces to fully express your innate goodness and soul expression.

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