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Lenormand Wahrsagekarten

By: Ch. Didot, c. 1890

Genre: Oracle

This "Wahrsagekarten der berühmten Kartenlegeren Lenormand" charming Lenormand is contains verses in German and assorted astrological symbols. This Lenormand deck was that it was printed c. 1890 by Ch. Didot, Paris.

Love Is Everywhere: Follow Your Heart Meditation Cards

By: Jorie Cooper Cwik

Genre: Spirituality

This deck was created from a series of treasured "heart-spotting" photos that Jorie has taken over the years. "Heart-spotting" is a wonderfully beneficial act of presence, meditation, and communion with nature that Jorie strongly encourages. Jorie designed these cards with the specific intention of strengthening the deck owner's intuition. Frequent use of these cards allows for a deeper connection to your inner voice, offering wonderful, positive insights and messages of encouragement.

Magic Lenormand Cards - 2nd Edition 2022 - 4 languages

By: Evina Schmidova, Roman Wimmer

Genre: Oracle

Languages: English, German, French, Czech
Magic Lenormand Cards have been created to mark the 220th anniversary of the first edition of Petite Lenormand, published in 1799 by the German publisher Johann Kaspar Hechtel, who co-opted the name of the famous French fortuneteller of the Napoleonic era Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand for his “Game of Hope”. Instruction sheet of Philippe Lenormand (was allegedly a nephew) how to read the Lenormand cards published on October 19, 1903, in the magazine "The Evening World’s Home Magazine (New York City)" was supplemented by illustration from our deck.

Mandala Oracle

By: Jane Marin with Vikstar

Genre: Oracle

The Mandala Oracle has been inspired by a desire for all to awaken to their own intuition, to know their own strength, to heal and move positively forward in their life. The Mandala Oracle contains much ancient wisdom assisting you to reconnect to all that is divine within you and to the Great Spirit of all.
Throughout the ages and to this day, when facing life’s tests or quests, humans have sought guidance from an Oracle.

The Mandala is like a meeting place, a connection point; it is has an innate ability to go straight to the source. All that you receive from the Mandala Oracle serves your highest purpose.

There are 48 oracle cards divided into four suits of twelve cards – the Archangels, The Ascended Masters, The 72 Names of God and the Chakras. The breathtaking mandalas are created by Artist/healer/life coach Jane Marin with readings by Vikstar.

This deck is meant to guide those who are willing to reach into higher planes and find answers and solutions inspired by Equus.

Messages of Love Oracle Cards

By: Kristin Hey | All Things Intuitive

Genre: Oracle

Messages of Love oracle cards answer your burning relationship questions about love, sex, soul connections, and much more. From twin flame and true love to soulmate and past-life connections, these messages can help give advice and provide guidance for all types of relationships.


By: Toby Dorr

Genre: Oracle

MicroCosmic Wisdom

By: Sondra Barrett, PhD

Genre: Oracle

Bridging the mystical and the molecular, MicroCosmic Wisdom oracle cards are the first to feature mysterious microscopic photography as a gateway for divination and inspiration.

The artwork on the cards comes from science and the mysteries of Creation. They are photographs through the microscope of mineral salts that are part of us and also associated with the signs of the Zodiac. They bring together the four elements of Air, Water, Fire, and Earth to expand our connection with Nature, our inner nature, and even, astrology.

This deck goes where no deck has gone before and reflects the dance between the visible and invisible worlds, physical and metaphysical elements of the Universe. The images are abstract, with no fixed or pre-determined symbols, therefore your inner knowing and intuition play a big part in interpreting the unique messages for you. Though each card has guidance and a keyword, you will likely discover your own guidance and maybe even names for the cards. Allow the images to speak to you.The geometric patterns uncovered with the microscope, correspond with one of the 4 elements of Air, Water, Earth, and Fire.

Thus MicroCosmic Wisdom embraces characteristics of the 4 elements to symbolize our innate wisdom.The 4 elements are in Nature, ancient wisdom traditions, astrology, and modern psychology. They are portals into our invisible world.

Since there is also an astrological connection to these elements they open a unique doorway into your birth chart. When you use these cards with an astrological spin, you will understand your life in a whole new way. Discover your Cosmic Code and your oneness with all of creation. Yet astrology is not the only portal into the inherent wisdom of these cards.

The focus of this deck is to help you align with your sacred alchemical self and your innate wisdom to reclaim and rejoice in the truth of who you are. These cards can guide you to discover yourself as a sacred loving wise being connected with spirit. The microscopic mineral salts hold unexpected sacred information in a visual language that helps you tap into your wisdom consciousness. As you dive more deeply into these cards, you will discover how to engage the elemental forces to fully express your innate goodness and soul expression.

Mirrors of the Soul

By: Janet Joslin

Genre: Oracle

These Oracle Cards were Divinely channeled to discover the beauty within your soul.

The beauty of color and romanticism will evoke what is currently hidden from you.

Your chosen card will tell you what your soul is trying to remind you of. Trust your intuition to reveal your truth.

They can be used for your own inquiries of self, and also given to people where words don't express your feelings.

These images were created by me using my own paintings, photography, and digital renderings.

I was inspired by the Pre-Rafaelitepaintings of women and collaged them with my art, to create the images. Love of beauty was their creed and they created and celebrated beauty for its own sake. They advocated the close study of nature and true spirit! They painted to show emotion, inviting us to explore the art of the senses; responding without thinking; evoking intuition and feelings.

There are no instructions, just meanings that they inspired for me. Your own message lies within your soul.

Namaste, I see you Oracle

By: Annie Caulkett

Genre: Oracle

This beautiful easy-to-use deck is a gentle, yet powerful tool offering guidance and insight towards your own healing and personal empowerment. This deck is appropriate for both beginners and those experienced with oracle cards. Each card features an exquisite and inspiring work of art reflecting the individual message of each card, enabling you to go deep within yourself to connect with your inner wisdom.

Natures Devas; Gentle Messages for Healing

By: Brenda Lanigan

Genre: Mindfulness

Connect with the Nature Devas as they take you on a journey of self-discovery and insight. You will hear from the plants themselves on how they can assist you physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally on your path to happiness and wellbeing.
Come along...your journey awaits!...

Oils For The Soul Card Deck

By: Marie McAneney

Genre: Oracle

This simple but elegant "Oils For The Soul" card deck will help you discover which oils will be most beneficial to you right now, to balance your Body, Mind & Soul. Intuitively tap into your innate wisdom, by choosing cards which will be perfect for what you need at this time, allowing you to heal on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. The cards that you choose will intuitively be what your body and soul requires.