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Ann Varney is an acclaimed spiritual teacher, mentor, and visionary, celebrated for her transformative work in guiding individuals on their path to spiritual awakening and personal empowerment. With over three decades of entrepreneurial and spiritual teaching experience, she stands at the forefront of heart-based spiritual connection and purpose-driven living. Ann's profound insights and innovative methods have earned her the prestigious award for Leading Spiritual Teacher and Coach in 2023, a testament to her dedication and impact in the spiritual community.

As a digital nomad on a ceaseless spiritual quest, Ann traverses the globe, visiting ancient temples and sacred sites. Each journey is an integral part of her practice, allowing her to imbibe and share the potent energies and wisdom of these hallowed places. Through her Oracle Temples - The Oracle Deck, Ann weaves together the sacred symbols, teachings, and energies she encounters, offering a unique tool for introspection, guidance, and enlightenment.

Ann's mission extends beyond personal growth; she is committed to fostering a global shift towards deeper spiritual connection and understanding. Through her work, including mentorship, group coaching, and her widely acclaimed speaking engagements, she empowers others to unlock their full potential and live in alignment with their highest truth. Ann Varney's Oracle Temples - The Oracle Deck is not just a set of cards but a gateway to transformation, inviting you on a journey to explore the depths of your soul and the expanses of the spiritual universe.

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Ann Varney Leading Spiritual Teacher & Coach

Oracle Temples - The Oracle Deck


The Oracle Temples - The Oracle Deck, a spiritual masterpiece birthed from the vision and wisdom of Ann Varney, stands as a profound invitation to journey into the depths of your soul and the vast expanse of cosmic knowledge. This deck is not just a tool for divination but a portal to transformative insights, guidance, and the empowerment necessary for personal and spiritual awakening.

Crafted with deep intention and reverence, the Oracle Temples - The Oracle Deck consists of 69 cards, each imbued with the sacred energy and symbology of ancient temples that Ann Varney has personally visited. These cards serve as conduits to the divine, offering a unique blend of universal wisdom and the specific, potent energies of sacred sites around the globe.

Within the Oracle Temples - The Oracle Deck, you will discover:

4 Major Arcana: These cards represent the pillars of spiritual wisdom, guiding you through your soul's major life lessons and karmic themes.
4 Seasonal Goddesses: Embark on a cyclical journey through the energies of rebirth, abundance, harvest, and stillness, embracing the divine feminine within and around you.
12 Goddess Archetype: Connect with the empowering energies of goddesses across cultures, invoking their strengths, healing, and guidance in your life.
12 Moon Cycles: Align with the moon's transformative cycles, understanding how each phase influences your emotional and spiritual growth.
12 Sacred Rituals: Discover and integrate ancient and contemporary rituals to enhance your connection to the divine, ground your energies, and manifest your intentions.
12 Supreme Realities: Explore the multidimensional aspects of your reality, gaining insights into your spiritual path, soul evolution, and the quantum web of possibilities.
12 Spiritual Tools: Discover the profound significance and application of spiritual tools, enhancing clarity, protection, and alignment on your journey.
1 Oracle: The heart of the deck, symbolising the bridge between earthly existence and divine insight, offering profound guidance and foresight.
A Secret URL: Gain exclusive access to a FREE workbook designed to complement your journey with the Oracle Temples Deck, enriching your readings and personal exploration.

Each card in the Oracle Temples - The Oracle Deck has been energetically charged with the essence and symbology of the sacred temples visited by Ann Varney. This infusion brings a unique vibrational signature to the deck, enhancing the depth and richness of the readings and connections it facilitates.

Oracle Temples - The Oracle Deck is a sacred key to unlocking your infinite potential, guiding you toward a life of abundance, joy, and fulfillment. It is a companion for those seeking to illuminate their spiritual journey, offering not just guidance but a profound connection to the ancestral wisdom and temple energies that pulse through its cards. Embrace this journey, and let the

Oracle Temples - The Oracle Deck, created by Ann Varney, be a luminous guide to your divine destiny, steeped in the sacred energies and symbologies of the ancient temples.


Ann Varney