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Kimberly Crowe is an intuitive visual artist who creates beautiful artwork and tools to connect to your inner knowing.

She is an everyday Mystic—a healing facilitator to your Soul, guided by Spirit through the Creator of all there is. Through a series of spontaneous awakenings to her healing process, she connected to her own Inner Awakened Mastery. As she integrated her multidimensional aspects, Kimberly became a channel for messages and energies that transmit healing and unlock and awaken human potential.

Kimberly is devoted to the healing arts. She combines knowledge from a wide range of healing techniques with her natural connection to Creator to hold a space of self-empowerment with clients and students.

Her services integrate a wide range of Alternative Healing. She uses Soul Reading with Life Path Healing and Energy Work which may include a combination of many modalities that she accesses throughout the quantum field.

The tools and techniques Kimberly uses assist you in removing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual obstacles so that you can see, hear, and follow your Divine guidance with grace and ease. This process allows you to fully embody the empowered soul that you came here to be.

Her mission on this planet is to witness Renegades step into The Calling, claim your Soul gifts, be the Changemaker and transform humanity from the inside out.

. To Live a Life of Inner Awakened Mastery.

As a Code activator and channel Kimberly witnesses the matrices of the Divine (and not so Divine). She uses this awareness to transmit multidimensional healing frequencies infused in Light Codes to assist the awakening of your Mastery purpose for its highest expression.

Her true gift is that she sees the gift that you are within your full potential.

She offers Programs for Living Life fully and Anchoring your Bussiness with The Calling.

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JuJu for the Soul


JuJu for the Soul oracle deck, written and illustrated by intuitive visual artist, Kimberly Crowe, was created to hand you tools to connect to your inner knowing.

You are invited to use these oracle cards to create a Sacred Connection in your life and remember the Gift that you are to Humanity.

The intention of these cards is to assist you to reconnect with your inner self and find the magic within.

Kimberly's gift is sharing her understanding of this multi-dimensional world we live, love and create in.

The artwork in these cards is downloaded with Transmissions of Light Codes to support your inner knowing.

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Kimberly Crowe